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Rumble Heroes Tier List (April 2023)

Check out our Rumble Heroes Tier List to get the best characters in the game.

If you want to know which are the best characters in Rumble Heroes, then this Tier List is made just for you. In this strategy RPG, you have to rescue the sole princess of your kingdom from the dark knights. To do so, you’ll have to recruit the strongest heroes in the game. And this tier list will help you do so by ranking every character from best to worst.

Rumble Heroes Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (April 2023)

Best characters in Rumble Heroes

In this Tier List, we will rank the characters into four categories i.e. S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier.

S-Tier Heroes

  • Boomerang Ray
  • Lance Pico
  • Double Gun Mary
  • Shotgun Gupi
  • Skull Pop
  • Spear Killy
  • Heavy Armor Humphry

A-Tier Heroes

  • Big Sword Gray
  • Crow Bibi
  • Mace Gilburt
  • Dr. Forge
  • Brave Uva
  • Epee Laura
  • Strong Laura
  • Flame Sword Giselle
  • Wave Talisay
  • Canon Waldo
  • Dark Kiara

B-Tier Heroes

  • Ego Sword Polly
  • White Evelyn
  • Forest Vanessa
  • Turban Coby
  • Time Mia
  • Calm Foe Blind Matilda
  • Big Hammer Joe
  • Nurse Ivy
  • Backpack Chico
  • Magic Shot Sally
  • Elemental Lisa
  • Shadow Issac
  • Whitehair Leo

C-Tier Heroes

  • Backpack Chico
  • Diamond Bob
  • Dancer Maya
  • Feather Corbin
  • Olive Cindy
  • Nudie Jack
  • Ice Bobo
  • Orange Woody
  • Leaf Shot Tim

The heroes in the S-Tier are the best to use in combat. However, they can be tough to get so you can go to the next tier. The ones in A-Tier aren’t on the top but they can be great substitutes. B-Tier characters are balanced, so they are good during early or mid-game events. However, as you progress, we recommend you get characters from the higher tier. And lastly, the C-Tier characters are the worst in the game. They are good until you recruit new heroes. However, we recommend you avoid using them.

Note that this tier list is subjective and based on our gameplay. It can change from player to player.

That completes our Rumble Heroes Tier List. If you like to check the character rankings of the latest games, then make sure you visit our Tier List section.