Diablo 4 Royal Gems: How To Unlock & Craft

In Diablo 4, the Royal is the highest tier of gems you can unlock & craft. You can obtain this tier for all the types of gems available in the game. However, getting your hands on it will not be that easy at the early levels. But if you somehow manage to get it, then it’ll surely provide the best buffs you can get. If you’re willing to do what it takes to obtain this higher tier of gem, then we’ll walk you through the process. So without waiting any further let’s see how you can make a Royal gem in D4 easily.

How Can I Make Royal Gems in Diablo 4

How Can I Upgrade to Royal Gems in Diablo 4
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Players will unlock the Royal Gems as soon as they reach level 60 in Diablo 4. If you are already on the required level, then you’ll need 3x previous tier gems, that is Flawless and 50,000 Gold for the crafting process. For example, to upgrade a Flawless Ruby to Royal Ruby, you’ll need 3x Flawless Ruby and 50,000 Gold. Once you have all you need head to a nearby Jeweler and craft the Royal quality of your preferred gems. For your reference below we have mentioned all the gems Royal Quality recipes.

  • Royal Amethyst
    • 3x Flawless Amethyst
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Emerald
    • 3x Flawless Emerald
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Ruby
    • 3x Flawless Ruby
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Topaz
    • 3x Flawless Topaz
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Diamond
    • 3x Flawless Diamond
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Sapphire
    • 3x Flawless Sapphire
    • 50000 Gold
  • Royal Skull
    • 3x Flawless Skull
    • 50000 Gold

Again, don’t forget, all the Royal tier gems can only be made once you reach level 60. Or else you won’t be able to craft this quality of the gem. If you’re having trouble leveling up then check out the best ways to gain XP and Level up fast in D4.

That covers all about how you can unlock & craft Royal Gems in Diablo 4. If you’re looking for better equipment then check out how to farm higher level gears in the game. Also, do take a look at the steps to get Ancestral items easily.

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