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Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List: Ranked From Best To Best

Check out this Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List to find out the best and the worst characters in the game.

Romancing Saga Re univerSe tier list contains all the characters in the game. You will be able to find all the best characters in S Tier and then descending until you get to D Tier. Make sure to check out where your favorite characters are on the list.

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List


This Romancing Saga Re univerSe tier list will help you identify all the best and worst characters in the game and according to that, you will be able to easily pick out which ones are the best and the worst so that you can build a formidable team and take on your opponents.

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List

Romancing Saga Re univerSe S Tier List


S Tier characters are the most overpowered and best characters that you can pick, anyone from this list is more powerful than the others that you might go up against. These characters not only have the best stats but their abilities make them formidable in battle.

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List

  • Sophia [May My Prayers Reach You]
  • Ginny [I’m Ginny Knights]
  • Gustave [Onward, into Battle]
  • Cat [This Cat Has Claws]
  • Azami [Light Armor is Important]
  • Blue [Fated Mage]


A Tier List

A notch below the best, but these characters have proven themselves to be veterans in Romancing Saga Re univerSe so much that sometimes it becomes difficult to separate them from the best. Alas, a tiny little detail or buffs stops them from achieving their potential and if you cannot get an S tier character, these are the ones that you should look for.


  • Katarina [Leave this to Me]
  • Ellen [You Stay Quiet]
  • Alkaiser [Alkaiser’s On the Scene]
  • Urpina [The power of House Julanius]
  • Albert [Legendary Knight]
  • Aisha [Come to me, Buttlerflies]
  • Undine [Genbu Arts Specialist]

Romancing Saga Re univerSe B Tier List

These are the average characters that you will find in the game. While not about them stands out as special, they’re still capable enough of getting the job done provided they go up against similar enemies.

  • Claudia [Heartbreaker]
  • Katarina [Masquerade]
  • Gustave [Gustave the Steel]
  • Ginny [Anima of the Forest]
  • Gray [Wandering Adventurer]
  • Diana [Rose Knight Rush]
  • Leon [Who Am I]
  • Mariah [The Sea is my Friend]
  • Leonid [Defender of the Holy Grail]
  • Henri [Prince of Escata]
  • Charl [Shucho Arts User]
  • Monika [Hi There, I’m Monica]
  • Gray [Seeker of the Blade’s Truth]
  • Barbara [Catch my Rose]
  • Gerard [A Successor’s Revolve]
  • Emerald [Seeking Mastery of Fire]
  • Hector [Selfish Merc]

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C Tier List

This list is where things start to get dicey, these characters aren’t good enough and they will cause your more damage than good. All of the characters on this list need a lot of balancing work to get them up to speed and as powerful as others.

  • Monika [Sister of the Marquis]
  • Ellen [Nothing Like a good axe]
  • Albert [Left Handed Warrior]
  • Jamil [The Phantom Thief Strikes]
  • Hawke [Captain Hawke]
  • Aisha [Winter Gives Way to Spring]
  • Barbara [Pasionate Dancer]
  • Myriam [Fire Mage Life]
  • Gerard [These Aren’t Pajamas]
  • Guella Ha [Where Shall We Go]
  • Victor [You Coward]
  • Thomas [For Loanne]
  • Mikhail [I Will Protect My Kingdom]
  • Wil [Tycoon in His Youth]
  • Terry [Great Plains Free Spirit]

D Tier List

The worst possible characters that you can get in Romancing Saga Re univerSe, we recommend that you do not pick any of the characters listed below as they will be frustrating to play as and the game will feel bothersome.

  • Wallenstein [I will protect the emperor]
  • Rich [I will protect my family]
  • Windie [The Sky is my world]
  • Gen [Swordsman Nobushige Genjiro]
  • Johan [Sting of the Scorpion]
  • Laura [I am laura the sea wolf]
  • Robin [I Have the Guts]
  • Charl [Silver Glove Inheritor]
  • Julian [Say Hi to My Fist]
  • Robin [No Evil will go unpunished]
  • Black [The Treasure’s All Mine]
  • Volcano [I will Glady work with you]
  • Riki [I am looking for the Rings]
  • Annie [You must have a death wish]
  • Windie [The Sky is my world]

This is the entire Romancing Saga Re univerSe tier list ranking all the best and the worst characters in the game. If you want to check out Smite Gods Tier List, you can do so right here on Gamer Tweak.