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Lord Of Heroes Characters Tier List 2023 (Best Hero)

Here are all the characters of LoH ranked from best to worst.

Lord Of Heroes has some of the most amazing characters that you can ever think of. Their skills are unmatchable but that itself might be a problem. Too much choice and every skill of every hero is amazing. So in this guide, we will help you choose the best character in Lord Of The Heroes by giving you a tier list of all the characters ranked from best to worst.

Best Lord Of Heroes Characters Tier List (LoH)

Lord Of Heroes Tier List

Here’s the Lord of Heroes (LoH) tier list consisting of all the character’s classes, base speeds, and elements. For your convenience, we have categorized the characters into S, A, B, C, & D tiers. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

Earth Aslan Warrior 105 S
Fire Johan Cleric 104 S
Water Joshua Sniper 105 S
Fire Krom Warrior 102 S
Water Krom Guardian 97 S
Earth Laieri Striker 100 S
Fire Lairei Warrior 100 S
Water Lumie Warrior 101 S
Earth Mei Ling Striker 110 S
Light Mei Ling Sniper 99 S
Earth Nine Striker 105 S
Earth Olivia Sniper 98 A
Light Olivia Striker 101 A
Dark Rosanna Guardian 107 A
Water Schneider Striker 104 A
Light Vanessa Cleric 107 A
Earth Walther Guardian 107 A
Fire Astrid Striker 96 A
Water Fram Guardian 101 A
Water Helga Striker 102 A
Light Johan Warrior 98 A
Fire Joshua Striker 97 A
Fire Laphlaes Sniper 99 A
Earth Laphlaes Warrior 100 B
Dark Mikhail Sniper 103 B
Water Nine Warrior 101 B
Water Olivia Sniper 102 B
Fire Rosanna Striker 99 B
Water Vanessa Cleric 97 B
Earth Charlotte Cleric 96 B
Dark Helga Warrior 100 B
Earth Lumie Guardian 110 B
Fire Schneider Striker 100 C
Fire Vanessa Cleric 103 C
Earth Astrid Sniper 97 C
Water Astrid Warrior 101 C
Dark Dhurahan Warrior 100 C
Earth Lucilicca Striker 107 C
Water Charlotte Cleric 98 C
Fire Dhurahan Warrior 97 D
Earth Dhurahan Guardian 101 D
Fire Helga Warrior 99 D
Water Lucilicca Sniper 103 D
Fire Mei Ling Sniper 103 D
Dark Nine Sniper 101 D
Earth Schneider Warrior 104 D

So that is all for our guide on the Lord of Heroes Tier List with all the characters ranked from best to worst. If you would like to know the all-new Lord of Heroes coupon codes, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.