Rogue Company Cross-Play And Cross-Progression: Does It Work?

Learn more about the crossplay and cross-progression feature in Rogue Company.

Rogue Company is a game that allows for cross-play and cross-progression ability in the game. This will allow you to connect and play with your friends across various platforms. Having a cross-play ability adds to the versatility of the game quite a bit. The ability to play with friends irrespective of the platform is unmatched. So, scroll down and find out how this ability works in the game.

How do Cross-Play and Cross-Progression work in Rogue Company?

Rogue Company Cross-Play And Cross-Progression

  • If you want to use the cross-play ability in the game, you will first have to go to the main menu.
  • Over here you will be able to find an option for ‘Social’.
  • Click on this and you will be able to see a textbox for adding your friend’s name.
  • Simply enter the username ID and wait for the results to appear.
  • Now, choose their username and you will end up sending them a friend request.
  • Right next to their name you will also be able to see the platform they use.
  • This is basically how the cross-play ability works in Rogue Company.

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How does the Cross Progression feature work?

Cross-Progression is an important ability to include in a game as it allows you to transfer your progress across various platforms. So, even if you were a console user before, you can not feel left out after going over to another platform. To do so, all you have to do is go to the official website and logging in with your prior account. Now, just choose a new account and you will be able to link your previous account with ease.

This is everything you need to know about the cross-play and cross-progression ability in Rogue Company. While you are here you can also have a look at all the Rogue Company Game Modes.