Rogue Company Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Check out our Rogue Company Tier List where we've ranked all Rogues from best to worst.

Our Rogue Company Tier List gives you the best Rogue Company Intel, Breacher, Support, and other Rogue Characters in ranked order. With around 19 playable characters it might seem hard to find the best Rogues, but we have ranked them in best to worst from S Tier to D Tier to make it easier for you.

Rogue Company Tier List

Here’s our Tier List for Rogue Company with the best characters and the worst:

Tier Rogues
S The Fixer
A Dahlia Seeker Vy
B Anvil Kestrel Saint Sigrid Trench
C Chaac Dallas Lancer Mack Scorch
D Dima Gl1tch Phantom Ronin Talon

Here’s some tips and tricks for our S & A Tier Rogues:

How to Play as The Fixer (S-Tier Character)

How to play as The Fixer Rogue Company

Throw the cluster grenade towards the opponents or the goal while pushing, then enter and activate heat vision. If foes do not use an ability to reveal you, this will hide you, and heat vision will allow you to see enemies through your smoke. This essentially serves to temporarily blind your opponents inside the cluster grenade while you can see and provide more cover for a resurrection for you or your friends.

When an opponent equips the shrouded perk, the Fixer cannot see through Phantom’s Nano smoke, and when the Fixer uses his Thermal Vision, he cannot see through smoke. As a result, you can take advantage of the Fixer’s invisibility and attack him while he is unaware of your presence.

How to Play as Dahlia (A-Tier Character)

Dahlia Rogue Company

Dahlia can obtain passives like Immunity, Fireproof, and Athletic to counter the enemy’s armament. Replenish complements the Objection nicely because she is a battlefield medic, and the ammo runs out rapidly due to the Objection’s rapid firing rate.

Dahlia can rapidly resurrect companions and survive devastating strikes, allowing her to stay on her feet and assist her comrades. When utilizing the Objection with assault rifles, DMRs, or snipers, Dahlia can be outgunned from afar, or when using the MX-R, Dahlia can be outgunned up close with SMGs and shotguns.

How to Play as Seeker (A-Tier Character)

How to play as Seeker Rogue Company

According to Seeker’s equipment, he must remain on the backline and give supporting fire. When gadgets are bounced, Seeker provides an extra 60% damage boost. When necessary, he may keep an eye on the flanks while also disclosing adversaries ahead to keep his comrades informed of their surroundings.

How to Play as Vy (A-Tier Character)

How to play as Vy

To drive opponents out of cover, employ Vy’s incendiary grenade or a well-placed poison pool. Before she can utilize her ability, use Gl1tch to deactivate it. She can still use it if she had it in her hands before the disablement.

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