Rogue Company Game Modes Tips Guide

Competitive vs Death Match vs Capture the Flag

Rogue Company has three game modes, each features a different gameplay style including highly competitive matches to controlling a point. If you are looking for a list of Rogue Company game modes then they are Demolition, Strikeout, and Extraction. With just three modes the game is going well among gamers. If you had played games like COD or CSGO then you will be familiar with what all these modes are. Here are some details on how all these three modes work in Rogue Company.

Rogue Company Game Modes Guide

Up to 8 players can play in every Rogue Company mode, the game is in early access. There can be more coming up with the final.

1Demolition is the first game mode in Rogue Company, it is a competitive mode. Players will get an objective that can be defending a team or attacking. Those who are in the attacker’s group will plant an explosive at one of two sites. The defending team will protect these sites by guarding the sites. Eliminating the attackers is another way to win the match, but make sure you can pull out the explosives. This reminds of CS GO standard gameplay where a team of 5vs5 plays in two opposite teams.

2Strikeout is the second game mode in Rouge Company. It is pretty much similar to the Death Match game, where a team of 4 players will start with 12 tickets & 12000 Cash. Tickets are kind of respawn vouchers. Each team will try to eliminate player guarding a control point, as the number of vouchers is consumed the probably of re-spawn falls low to zero. The control points keep changing its place and if a team is able to successfully defend the point for 30 seconds, the opponent team loses one ticket. Whichever team wins 3 rounds wins the game, a single round lasts for 5 mixes approx with 8-second interval.

3Extraction is the third game mode in Rouge Company. Team fights to control a point, more like a capture flag type match. Players will have to fight for an area of a map and the control point changes every round.

So these are the three-game modes in Rouge Company, the best about this game is it supports crossplay. Players on different platforms either on PC or Console can play together in a match.