Rocksteady Addresses Major Leaks Of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

After Rockstar, now Rocksteady has faced early leaks for their upcoming game.

Rocksteady is yet another major developer that’s been a target of leaks. In the last few days, a new set of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaks have come out on the internet (possibly from the closed tech tests) that include major spoilers of the story, plot twists, images for secret characters, audio, cutscenes, deaths, possible ending, and yet-to-be-revealed playable characters. If you are planning to get the game or don’t want to be spoiled, be careful on the internet because you might encounter them out of nowhere.

Note: We will not be sharing the story leaks and spoilers in this article, but if you are curious, they are all over Reddit in the form of text, images, and video, until Warner Bros. takes them down.

Rocksteady Responds after huge story spoilers of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League are public

Rocksteady addressed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s leaks via a message on Twitter where they expressed their disappointment and urged fans to avoid spoilers.

“We’re looking forward to players experiencing the story we’ve crafted in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League once the game launches in the new year. We hope everyone can play the game and feel each moment of the narrative for themselves.

It is very disappointing to see details being share ahead of the game’s release, so we can only urge you to try to avoid spoilers where you can. And please try not to impact the enjoyment of other players by posting spoilers.

We look forward to seeing you all in Metropolis on 02-02-24.”

Since it’s a part of the Arkhamverse, there are mixed reactions from fans regarding these Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leaks. While some are criticizing the story and how it ties into the previous Batman: Arkham games (and what happens to Batman), some are excited to see how this paves the way for future games in the universe.

rocksteady responds to huge story spoilers of suicide squad game
Source: Rocksteady

Details about the game aren’t coming just from story leaks – data miners have got some information about the game modes too. Miller Ross, a known leaker, has posted a note on Twitter about some upcoming content in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He talks about a horde mode called Raising Hell where players go head to head against waves of enemies to get a spot on the top of the leaderboard and some rewards.

Plus, there appears to be another mode called QVK which is a 4v4v4v4 PvPvE mode which is being called “a distant cousin of Destiny 2’s Gambit with some twists.” He continues, “Teams are pulled into multiversal rifts and must fight and complete objectives to earn favor with a sadistic villain.”

If you were worried about the end of the Arkham Universe after this Suicide Squad game, you’ll be happy to know that this is not the end! James Gunn replied to a fan’s message on Threads hinting that the Arkham series will continue after this game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be releasing for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. For more latest gaming news and updates that you don’t want to miss, follow us on Google News.