Is Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League End Of Arkham Universe?

James Gunn replied to fans with some answers.

A series by Rocksteady that started in 2009 with Batman: Arkham Asylum gets another addition in 2024 with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League but is it the end of the road? While it was not definitively confirmed yet, James Gunn (CEO of DC) has confirmed on Threads that the Suicide Squad game won’t be the last of the Arkham universe.

will arkhamverse end after suicide squad game
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When a fan asked, “Hey James, will Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League be the final game for Arkham universe?”, Gunn replied, “No plans of it being the last!”

The reply has been deleted.

james gunn deletes reply about next arkham game
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Another user asked “James, is it possible for more Arkhamverse games or do you want the priorities to shift to the DCU games first? Lots of people are worried it’s over after Suicide Squad.” To which he replied, “No way! I personally can’t wait for the game and hopefully more. I’m a fan!”

james gunn dc confirms arkham universe is not ending
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This Threads reply is still there.

So, fans of the Arkhamverse need not be sad that their favorite series is coming to an end – because it’s (thankfully) not. Of course, it also depends on how well the Suicide Squad game does. Rocksteady’s expertise and familiarity with the universe makes them the best studio to take on future projects, and it’s possible that Suicide Squad has an open ending to facilitate future entries within the Arkhamverse.

Will the live service title fuel or quell the hype for the upcoming games, remains to be seen. The passionate fanbase of the Batman Arkham series is certainly lobbying for more stories set in that world.

Is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Connected To The Batman: Arkham Series?

Rocksteady has mentioned the Arkham series in Suicide Squad’s FAQs:

“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features an original, narrative-driven experience that picks up the story five years after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. Players who are familiar with the Batman: Arkham series will see some related narrative elements pop up in the game.”

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DC seems to have big plans for its universe because as part of the newly launched DCU, James Gunn has revealed that video games will tie into their movies, TV, and animation projects which is a big undertaking. This is different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the video games aren’t directly connected to the Movies and TV sectors of the MCU.

Rocksteady itself has not given any official confirmation about the next games in the Arkhamverse. Since Suicide Squad will be a live service game, they will be busy with support and further development for this title which will last longer than a normal single-player experience. It will have a Battle Pass, additional story content, and an Offline mode as well. More details will be revealed as the release date approaches.

Here’s the latest trailer Rocksteady revealed during The Game Awards 2023:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases on February 2, 2024. For more latest gaming news and updates that you don’t want to miss, follow us on Google News.