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Rocket League Rank Disparity: What Is It? (Explained)

Here's our guide that explains everything about the Rank Disparity in Rocket League.

Rocket League is an online multiplayer game that allows teaming up with your friends or other players. And trust me, it isn’t that fun if not played with your friends. As players queue up the ranked playlists with their friends or other players in Lobby, they are unable to play with them. This might be because of the Rank disparity message blocking your party due to restrictions. Due to this, a majority of players are confused about the Rank limitations and wondering if they can play with someone from a higher rank. Not to worry, check out our guide that explains what is Rank Disparity in Rocket League.

What is Rank Disparity in Rocket League

rank disparity rocket league

Rank Disparity occurs when you or your friend are at least three ranks away from one another. The Rank Disparity limits you from teaming up with friends or other players that are less or more than three ranks away. So, a Bronze III player cannot play ranked playlists with a Gold I or Gold 2 player. This also means that you could either be playing too well or too badly from your friends. The Rank Disparity was introduced during the Season 4 of the Rocket League allowing players to experience better matchmaking.

Note that if you have just started, you can play with players that are ranked Gold III or below tiers as confirmed by Epic Games. These rank restrictions don’t affect the parties queueing up in 2v2, Extra mode, or other casual playlists. So, you can play any Casual matches with your friends who are ranked three tiers higher or lower than you.

If you want to play Ranked playlists with your friends but are at a lower rank, there are some methods. You can grab weekly bonuses or complete weekly and seasonal challenges to climb up the ranking system. These methods can also help your friends if they are ranked at a lower tier.

While the Rank Disparity system can a bit of a bummer, this feature can help for effective and balanced matchmaking.

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