How To Get A Fennec In Rocket League?

Do you too want to know how to get your hands on the highly-coveted Fennec in Rocket League? We've got just the guide for you!

The Fennec is one of the most coveted cars among ranked players in Rocket League. It is an Octane hitbox vehicle that is the preferred choice for a lot of players in the game. Naturally, this means that this car is highly in demand. In this article, we will show you the different ways to get it.

How to Get the Fennec in Rocket League?

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Trading is one of the best and easiest ways you can get the Fennec in Rocket League. You can use the game’s unique trading system to trade cosmetics and items. Additionally, you can also sell these items on other third-party websites. You can look up cheap versions of the Fennec online. Cars that are not painted yet tend to cost way lesser than their painted counterparts. You can buy unpainted cars and save money, which you can use to redesign them.

Rocket League Item Shop

Rocket League has a really interesting in-game shop. The items in this shop are rotated from time to time, and this rotation depends on a timer. When the timer gets to zero, the item will automatically change. There is no particular order of items, meaning that you will have to rely mostly on luck. There might be a tiny chance you might just get a Fennec in this shop.

If you do manage to get the Fennec, you will be able to buy it from the shop with credits. You can get credits through item packs, buying it outright, or by leveling up your Rocket pass.

Crafting the Fennec in Rocket League

With the help of blueprints, you can try to craft a Fennec all by yourself. It is the cheapest way you can get your hands on a Fennec. This method might take some time, as blueprints are acquired during the end of matches. These rewards are random, so there is no saying what you might get. If you do get a blueprint that belongs to a Fennec, you can use it to make the car.

Also, since blueprints are untradeable items, you will not be able to purchase or sell them online.

Completing the Weekly & Seasonal Challenges

By completing the weekly and seasonal challenges in Rocket League, you will stand the chance to get free blueprint drops as well as XP that you can use to get the Rocket pass. The best part about these challenges is the fact that there are several of them over the course of a season. You will have the opportunity to get a minimum of 24 rare drops along with season challenges rewards each season. You can use the Blueprints and Rocket Credits to get items. Chances are, you might just get a Fennec. Just like most of the other methods mentioned in this article, getting the Fennec by completing the challenges may take some time. So prepare to be patient.

Use the Octane

If all of the methods mentioned in this guide do not get you a Fennec, you need not worry. Since the Fennec is based on an Octane hitbox body, you can also use the Octane as an alternative. This car has dimensions that are similar to the Fennec. Additionally, it has similar statistics, making it practically the same car!

These were the different methods you can use to get your hands on the extremely popular Fennec in Rocket League. While getting this car can be tricky, if you keep trying hard enough, you might just get it! If you do manage to get this car, you’re bound to enjoy hours of endlessly fun gameplay. This is further enhanced in how popular this car has become with all players of this game.

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