How To Rocket Jump In Team Fortress 2

Rocket Jump can be used to jump higher and gain an upper hand over enemies in Team Fortress 2. Know how you can perform this jump.

Rocket Jump in Team Fortress 2 is a trick jump that can make you jump higher and gain an advantage. TF2 is a first-person shooter game in which jumping plays an important role. Players knowing this trick can easily take down players who are not familiar with it. New players always struggle against players who know this trick while in a battle. So, let us find out how to use the Rocket Jump.

How to Perform Rocket Jump in Team Fortress 2

Rocket Jump In Team Fortress 2
Image Source: Nate Fox

Once you get comfortable with this trick, you may find it effortless. However, new players will find it challenging when trying this for the first time. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully do a Rocket Jump in Team Fortress 2:

  • You must first equip the Rocket Launcher to perform this jump.
  • After you have the Rocket Launcher, face the direction you want to jump.
  • Move forward in that direction and press the spacebar to jump.
  • Once you reach the highest point of the jump, look down at the ground and shoot the Rocket.
  • It may not happen on the first try. So, keep trying till you get the hang of it.
  • After you fire the Rocket, it will launch you into the air as if you have unlocked the power to jump high.
  • Do this carefully without taking damage from the Rocket by managing the timing of the Rocket and the Jump.

That’s how you do a Rocket Jump in TF2. Use this to quickly jump from one place to another and surprise your enemies. I hope this guide helps you to conquer this jump.

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