Team Fortress 2: How To Unlock Weapons Fast [2023]

Learn how to Unlock Weapons fast in Team Fortress 2 from this guide.

Team Fortress 2 is a Multiplayer FPS game created by Valve. It is one of the classic FPS games which is still fun to play even after a decade since its release. The one thing that kept TF2 fun was the wide variety of Weapons each class can have. Effectively, you can play any class in very different ways. But how do you unlock these Weapons in TF2? In this guide, I will show you how to Unlock Weapons in Team Fortress 2.

How to Unlock Weapons in Team Fortress 2

unlock weapons team fortress 2

In Team Fortress 2, Players can unlock weapons by completing certain Achievements. These Achievements can unlock 3 Milestone Weapons & Items for every Class. So the fastest way of unlocking Weapons is by grinding and spending hours in the game. But it’s not fast enough for most players. As such, there have been third-party Methods of unlocking weapons. One such way is by using Steam Achievements Manager. It is third-party software that unlocks all of your Achievements instantly. Beware as if you run the game at the same time then there is a chance for you to get Banned.

The other method is to join certain servers. Achievement Servers & Idle Servers are the next best thing to do other than Steam Achievements Manager. In Achievement Servers, you can join them and execute certain commands and unlock the weapons that way. Idle Servers are like AFK servers in other games. All you have to do is Idle in the Server. Although, TF2 has certain Idling rules so you will have to run a command like +left to make sure your character is moving.

These Steps will unlock weapons fast but it is not legit. I do not recommend you use them but if you have to, then here it is. This was all about how to unlock Weapons in Team Fortress 2. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Change Class in Team Fortress 2.