All 10 Rock Carving Location | Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectible Guide

Rock Carving in Red Dead Redemption 2 is bizarre images cut into the mountain landscape. These Rock Carvings show images which are from the future like skyscrapers, nuclear attack and more. You need to locate all 10 Rock Carvings to unlock the Invitation Letter and Old Brass Compass. Here is the location of all 10 Rock Carving in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rock Carving Location in RDR2

In order to start locating all the Rock Carving, you must start the Stranger Quest – ‘Geology for Beginners’. Head northwest of Strawberry to meet a man named Francis Sinclair. He will provide you the nearby location of all ten rock cravings. Once you reach any of these 10 locations, examine the craving then go to the post office to send your findings. Once you complete the quest you will unlock the Ravenclaw Talisman, available from any Fence.

Note: The Craving are always found on the side of a big rock

Rock Carving 1: Go Northwest of Flatiron Station. CHcek the cliff southwest of Horseshoe Overlook.

Rock Carving 2: Check the peak of Mount Shannon. Next to the first “T” in “WEST ELIZABETH” on your map.

Rock Carving 3: Again in West Elizabeth, check the rocky ledge near the water, in the southwest corner of Owanjila Lake.

Rock Carving 4: At the peak of Mount Hagen in the Grizzlies West region.

Rock Carving 5: The north of the bridge at Whinyard Strait, in Ambarino.

Rock Carving 6: Head North of Fort Wallace, and check the “B” and “S” of “BACCHUS STATION” on your map.

Rock Carving 7: In the west Cumberland, Forest area look for a rope bridge crossing the Dakota River. Check the rock carving is on a ledge.

Rock Carving 8: Just south of Moonstone Pond, check the rocky ledge above the Heartland Overflow.

Rock Carving 9: Go to New Hanover and go to the eastern shore of Elysian Pond.

Rock Carving 10: On a rocky tiered ledge east of Deer Cottage, North of Annesburg.

Rewards for submitting Rock Carving to Francis Sinclair:

1 Rock Carving: Kentucky Bourbon, $10
5 Rock Carvings: Rock Statue (Sell)
10 Rock Carvings: Invitation Letter, Old Brass Compass

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