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How To Win Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Battle

In this guide, you'll learn all the strategies associated with defeating the Robot Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread and subsequently winning the boss battle.

The Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight is one of the many boss fights you’ll come across with Samus in Metroid Dread. It’s important to time yourself well while engaging in any sort of Boss fight. Here’s what you can do in order to defeat the Robot Chozo and win the boss fight in Metroid Dread.

How to Win the Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Fight in Metroid Dread

kill him

You simply need to dodge all his attacks which are fairly slow and get behind him to fire missiles while remaining steady at the lowest level on the map. Here’s more on how you can make short work of this fight.

Dodging Chozo Soldier Robot’s Attacks

The Robot Chozo Soldier has 4 attacks namely the three pulsating orbs shot, the quick beam shot, the blue melee slash thrust and the blue melee thrust explosion. Here’s how you can dodge and counter each of them.

  • For the first three pulsating orbs shot, simply dodge them since they’re fairly slow.

three pulses

  • Furthermore, you can dodge the quick beam shot as well by simply recognizing the Robot Chozo soldier’s short charge before he fires it.


  • Wait until he’s just about to fire then either jump up or use the platforms.
  • For the Blue melee slash, you can parry it and even stun the Chozo Robot.

robot slash chozo blue

  • During this brief stun, you can unleash your attacks.
  • The Red melee thrust is uncounterable.
  • You can only choose to dodge this attack and attempt to go over the robot chozo soldier’s head.

red slash chozo soldier

  • An important thing to remember here is to try to remain at the lowest level as often as possible.

Attack Strategy for Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Fight

finish him

Your strategy here should be to dodge as much as possible and get behind the Robot Chozo soldier and unleash your missile attacks while his back faces you. Ensure you’re swift with the dodges since they drain a lot of health off Samus.

That’s pretty much all there is for you to know on the strategies you can use and how you can win the boss battle by beating the Robot Chozo soldier in Metroid Dread. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you wanna defy all odds in the game, here’s how to get the gravity suit in Metroid DreadFurthermore, here’s another boss fight guide where you’ll learn how to beat Escue in Metroid Dread.