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How To Unlock Gravity Suit Upgrade in Metroid Dread? (Location and Abilities)

In this guide, we walk through how you can unlock the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread and use it in-game.

The gravity suit in Metroid Dread has some unique features and abilities that can enhance Samus’ effectiveness in-game. In this guide, we’ll highlight how you can get the gravity suit, where you can find it, and all its abilities in Metroid Dread.

How to Get the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread?


gravity suit metroid dread

You can get the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread by shooting down the Gravity Suit Orb held by the Chozo statue in Burenia for which you need to have previously obtained the Morph Ball, Space Jump, and Pulse Radar upgrades to your abilities. Here’s a detailed route you can use to unlock the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread.

Gravity Suit Location


map gravity

The Gravity suit is located in Burenia where it is held in the Gravity Suit Orb by A Chozo statue. Here’s how you get there.

  • Enter the portal on the left of the Main Burenia Teleportal.
  • Make your way through the path until you reach the sunken section.
  • Once you reach the forklift-like platform, use the morph ball to head to the right ledge.
  • From here, use momentum with the morph ball until you propel yourself towards the orb membrane door.
  • Shoot it down and enter.
  • Make your way to the bottom where you need to shoot and enter a similar door.
  • From here, ensure you get right to the lowest well once more, then use the platforms on the right to propel yourself to the entrance on the left.
  • You’ll have two entrances here, enter the one on the right.
  • Use your Pulse Radar to clear out the blocked entrance then use Space jump and morph ball in combination to get to the other side.
  • Moreover, from here you’ll get to an energy tank located above the submerged region.
  • There’s a narrow path you can use from here for which you need to shape up in a morph ball and navigate until you reach the other end.
  • Now you’ll get to the depths of the map.
  • Head through the entrance on the right where you’ll need to fire multiple shots in order to take down an enemy.
  • As you head to the right, you’ll get to an area that feels like a dead-end and no entrances can be shot down.
  • Simply head to the entrance of this area and locate a tiny reef-like climb where you can get past using morph ball.


metroid dread

  • Furthermore, follow the path and you’ll eventually get to one of the stations above the aquatic zone.
  • Deep dive across the map in this zone until you can head over to the top section.
  • Moreover, you’ll need to take out an entire segment of a huge device here.
  • Furthermore, simply shoot down both the walls blocking the path first.
  • Now use your grapple beam until you collapse the entire frame of the said device.
  • Head out down below to locate another entrance which you must enter.
  • You’ll now get to the final segment wherein you climb one level to see a Chozo statue.
  • This statue has the Gravity Suit Orb in hand, which you need to fire at to unlock.

gravity suit acquired


  • Morph ball up and collect it.
  • The animation now plays and Samus Aran majestically sports her newly unlocked Gravity Suit Upgrade.

How to Use the Gravity Suit’s Abilities in Metroid Dread?

abilities grav suit

The gravity suit in Metroid Dread lets you withstand extreme temperatures, freely move through aquatic zones as well as walk on molten lava without getting health loss. Moreover, you also get an additional fraction of damage dealt to enemies while using the dash melee. Here’s more about all the abilities in detail.

Gravity Suit Abilities Description Usage
Insulate Samus From Extreme Cold Makes Samus withstand the conditions of extremely cold areas on the map In order to gain immunity to damage sustenance to extreme ice regions.
Insulate Samus From Lava Enables Resistance to Lava In Order to gain immunity to damage sustenance to lava.
Enables Free Movement Underwater Underwater restricted motion movement no longer affects Samus
Is utilized in submerged zones and can be used in combination with Space Jump and Speed Booster without the underwater physics restriction.
Increases A Part Of Dash Melee Damage Dash Melee damage reduces more enemy health
Additionally inflicts Dash Melee damage on all enemies.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the location, abilities, and how you can get and unlock the Gravity Suit Upgrade in Metroid Dread. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you wish to know more about the abilities you can use in Metroid Dread, here’s a guide on how to get and use the Wide Beam ability in Metroid Dread. Furthermore, you’ll need to use the morph ball a lot in this particular quest and in general in Metroid Dread. In order to help you out, here’s how you can get the morph ball ability in Metroid Dread.