How To Get Blockbux In Roblox Welcome To Bloxburg

Earn Blockbux to spend on exclusive items in the game.

Blockbux is the official currency of Roblox Welcome To Bloxburg. Welcome to Bloxburg allows players to build their own houses and take part in various activities around town. However, all these actions will require you to shell out some moolah, just like in real life. So how do you earn money in your virtual life? Well, fret not as we tell you how to get Blockbux in this new Roblox game.

How to earn Blockbux in Welcome to Bloxburg

Roblox Welcome To Bloxburg: How To Get Blockbux
That pizza ain’t gonna pay for itself.
  • You can try logging out to reject the yearly rewards on day 100000000000 in Bloxburg.
  • Also, you can purchase more Blockbux with BlahBlah.
  • You can even sell the van in the game to get extra Blockbux.
  • Earn more Blockbux by getting (30, 100, 365) Visits Trophies.

What to spend Blockbux on?

  • You can use Blockbux to purchase exclusive items in Build Mode.
  • Blockbux also allows you to buy additional house slots.
  • You can use Blockbux to purchase additional outfit slots for your character.
  • Blockbux can be used to boost the character’s mood for B$25.
  • You need to Fertilize your plants by purchasing Fertilizer using Blockbux.

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