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Roblox Bitcoin Miner Codes (July 2022)

Redeem these codes for Roblox Bitcoin Miner and get rewards like Premium Coins and more.

Looking for the Roblox Bitcoin Miner Codes list? You can get the promo codes right here and get free rewards such as Premium coins, Flags, Cash, and more. Be sure to check back here to know if any more codes have been newly released. Also, find out if any code has expired further ahead in the list. So, let’s get right into it.


All Bitcoin Miner Codes List (July 2022)

Check out all the activities and working codes for Roblox Bitcoin Miner. Redeem them to get bonuses before they expire and they can expire pretty fast. Also, make sure to use them as they are shown because they are case-sensitive.

Working and Valid Codes


  • Anotherblock – Redeem this code and get Concrete Block
  • BtrBoost – Redeem this code and get a Mega Mining Boost
  • extra – Redeem this code and get free rewards
  • GrassWalls – Redeem this code and get 3x Hedge
  • PlantWalls – Redeem this code and get 5x Hedge
  • 50mil – Redeem this code and get 50mil Visits Card [Requires Level 500]
  • FreeLvl – Redeem this code to get One Level Up
  • SandFloor – Redeem this code and check your plot

Expired Codes

  • FreeLvl
  • PHASE2
  • Xmennix063
  • Phase3
  • HeadStar
  • GiveLantern
  • SimpleTriangle
  • OtherWall
  • JustStone
  • D_ave43
  • CyberNoob17327
  • vini146br181
  • kemkenn4433
  • WhiteTree
  • sandtower


How to Redeem Codes in Bitcoin Miner

redeem bitcoin miner codes

These are the simple steps to redeem promo codes.


  • Open the game.
  • On the screen, you will see the icon to Invite Friends.
  • Click on it and a window will appear with a text box.
  • Enter a working code in the Text Box.
  • Click on Redeem.

You can use the Premium Coins by clicking on the Pay Out button as well. Do note that the cryptocurrencies in the game are solely in-game items and not related to real-world ones.

That’s all you need to know about Bitcoin Miner Codes. For more freebies, simply head over to our Roblox Game Codes list and click on the game you play!