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Roblox Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes (October 2021)

Get to know the Toy Defenders codes in Roblox and how to redeem them as well.

Here is the complete list of Roblox Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes for September 2021. Codes expire quickly but use them as soon as possible to get rewards like tickets, skins, and more. This post will be updated with the most current working codes and also the ones which are no longer valid.

All Roblox Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes List


Below is a list of all active, valid, and functional codes that you can use right now. Further below on this page, we’ve got some expired codes that don’t work anymore.

All Roblox Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes List

Working Codes (October 2021)


Below are all of the Toy Defenders Tower Defense codes that are currently active:

  • 15MILLION – 25000 tickets
  • 1500TWITTER – 10,000 tickets & ‘Raider’ Andromeda Explorer skin

Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes (Expired)


These are the expired Toy Defenders codes.

10MILLION 25,000 tickets & ‘Hunter’ TB ZED skin
100k 10,000 tickets
1MILLION ‘Black Iron’ Merely skin
250k ‘Golden’ Mr. Bling Bling skin
2MILLION ‘Emerald’ Erythia skin
3MILLION ‘Red Giant’ and ‘Blue Supergiant’ Galaxy Girl skins
4MILLION ‘Diamond’ FF Corrupted Gold Knight skin
500k ‘Apple’ CS Todd skin
FESTIVE ‘Festive’ RH Class President skin
Harvest ‘Turkey’ Despacito Spider skin
ILOVETD ‘Valentine’s’ Yeti skin
NEWYEAR ‘2021’ Firebrand1 skin
Release Rank 5 Classic Noob and 2,000 tickets
Spooky 2,000 tickets

How to Redeem Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes

How to Redeem Toy Defenders Codes Roblox


The redeem method for these promo codes is quite easy. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start Toy Defenders in Roblox.
  2. On the lower left hand of the Main Menu, click the Shopping Bag button.
  3. From the newly opened Store menu, click Redeem.
  4. In the text box, type each working code.
  5. To redeem and collect your free reward, press Enter.

That’s all about Roblox codes for Toy Defenders and how to redeem them. We’ve got loads more promo codes for you in our Roblox Game Codes list. Don’t miss out on them and claim your freebies right away.