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How To Rob A Train In Bitlife?

Get rich by robbing a train in BitLife and getting away with it.

BitLife has certain aspects that will let you earn that cold hard cash easily and with minimal risk. Robbing a train may be the best way to do this. It has minimal risk and some big money involved. But since this is a robbery, you need to plan instead of going headfirst into it. So here in this guide, we have come up with the best strategy to rob a train in Bitlife easily and get away with it.

How to Rob A Train In BitLife?


The requirement to rob a train in  Bitlife is that the players have to be 18 years old. Once you are 18, you can go to the ‘Crime‘ tab in the ‘Activities‘ menu. Under that, you will find the ‘Train Robbery‘ option unlocked. This will open up two options for you. Option one will be ‘Pick your train:’. Here you can pick any desired train that you want. The second option is ‘Pick your time of day:’. This is where the magic happens. Here you will have these options to choose from sunrise, high noon, 4:20 pm, sunset, and midnight.

Rob A Train

Now like you can notice, 4:20 is the only dedicated time that is given, all of the rest are just zones of time. How the mechanics of these work is that these are the time zones that will correspond to real-time. So when you want to rob the train, you will have to be present around that particular time to actually rob the train.


So the best way to rob a train in BitLife is to choose a time that is the nearest to your current time zone and wait around for the train to show up and rob it.

So that is all for our guide on how to rob a train in BitLife. If you would like to know how to complete the BitLife real housewife challenge then we have an article on that too for you to check out.