Bitlife: How To Win The Lottery & Get Rich Fast

Here's how to win the lottery jackpot in Bitlife.

If you’re keen on getting rich quickly, there’s always the possibility of pinning your hopes on a lottery ticket. While winning in Bitlife is a lot simpler than winning in real life, the risk of it all happening is still there. The lottery in this game is hugely profitable, so here’s how to win the lottery in Bitlife.

How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife

  • In Bitlife, you must continue to purchase lottery tickets in order to win the jackpot. Because the only way to win the lottery is to keep buying it.
  • You can buy ten at a time to help speed up the process of winning. This will cost you $50.  You can do so by selecting the ‘Lottery‘ activity from the ‘Activities‘ menu on the right side of the main hub.
  • From here, you can purchase a single ticket or a batch of ten tickets for $5 each. This will simplify the procedure and your chance you winning the lottery increases.

How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife

  • Expect to see a lot of “You did not win the lottery jackpot” popups. Fortunately, you may buy tickets as repeatedly as you want till you win. However, with a little luck, you may eventually win the lottery, and the massive prize in BitLife may be yours. You’ll get an accomplishment for winning the lotto as well.
  • If you acquire the lucky dice heirloom, you can also boost your chances of winning the lottery. Every day, you have a chance to win an heirloom, so if you come across the lucky dice, it’s time to buy tickets.
  • You must choose the dice from your Assets section and play with them. After you’ve finished playing with your dice, go out and buy a lottery ticket, and you should be able to win the Bitlife lottery jackpot.

That’s everything you need to know about how to win the lottery jackpot in Bitlife. While you here, make sure to check out more of our Bitlife Guides.