Risk Of Rain 2: How To Get Hellfire Tincture

Get the Orange Rarity Hellfire Tincture item in Risk Of Rain 2 by completing a specific quest known as the Multikill mission.

The Hellfire Tincture is a rare item in Risk Of Rain 2. It falls under the Orange Rarity equipment level. However, to unlock it you will actually have to perform certain tasks along the way before you get to use it. So, scroll down and find out how to unlock and get the Hellfire Tinctutre equipment.

How to get Hellfire Tincture in Risk Of Rain 2?

Risk Of Rain 2 Hellfire Tincture

To get the Hellfire Tincture you will first have to complete the Multikill challenge. If you want to complete the Multikill challenge you will have to kill a total of 15 enemies simultaneously. This is pretty difficult to perform, but, well if you are determined enough you can do it.

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What does the Hellfire Tincture do?

The Hellfire Tincture is an Orange Rarity Lunar Equipment. It is very powerful but also consists of a drawback. It damages you and your teammates when you use it in the game.

Once you use the Hellfire Tincture in Risk Of Rain 2 you will take damage at the rate of 5% Max HP per second. Any of your teammates around you will take half the amount of damage that you inflict on yourself. All nearby enemies will incur 24 times the damage you inflict on yourself.

You should pair the Hellfire Tincture with an Equipment Drone. Doing so will allow you to boost your health by quite a huge margin in the game. This will basically negate the effect of the Hellfire Tincture.

This is everything you need to know about the Hellfire Tincture in Risk Of Rain 2. Now that you are here make sure to have a look at the cheat to get Infinite Lunar Coins in Risk Of Rain 2. You can also have a look at how to unlock the Captain in Risk Of Rain 2.