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Risk Of Rain 2: How To Unlock The Captain

Follow this guide to Unlock the Captain in Risk of Rain 2.

The complete version of Risk of Rain 2 is out now and the game has introduced many new items, enemies, and a character. The latest character (or survivor) to join the collection is the Captain. The Captain has got various skills and load-outs that can outclass a number of enemies in the game. So, here’s your guide on how to unlock the Captain in Risk of Rain 2.

How to Unlock The Captain in Risk of Rain 2

To unlock the Captain, players will have to complete the Moon world, which is added in the first release of the game. They will have to defeat Mithrix, the boss, to complete the world and unlock the Captain.

Find Mithrix on The Moon

To reach the Moon, all you need to do is complete the fifth realm, Sky Meadow. After completing the realm, you will find a Primordial Teleporter which will trigger a boss fight. Defeat the boss and you will be teleported to the Moon. Once in the moon, cross the bridge in front of you and you will reach some blue jump pads that will take you to Mithrix.

Defeat The Boss

The fight against Mithrix is divided into four phases. Some of the basic attacks to look out for in the first phase are hammer strikes, consecutive hits, and the one where Mithrix jumps in the air and stomp the floor with a hammer. Try to stay away from the boss for as long as possible and jump whenever Mithrix lands a stomp to avoid any damage.

Mithrix will disappear in the second phase and leave only a handful of enemies behind. Kill them to complete phase 2.

In the next phase, Mithrix will be back again. This time the boss will be with some additional enemies. Most of the attacks in phase 3 will have increased area damage. Hence, you should try to be in the air for as long as possible.

In the final stage, Mithrix will be weakened and alone. He will take all your weapons and items. As the fight progresses and you give damage to Mithrix, all your items will gradually come back to you. Collect all your items back and defeat Mithrix.

Unlock The Captain

How To Unlock The Captain In Risk Of Rain 2

Once you defeat the Mithrix, the Moon will be set to explode. You will have exactly four minutes to reach back to the starting point. The countdown will be shown on the screen. Try not to fall on your way back while ignoring everything else. When you are close to the starting point, there will be a sheep awaiting closeby. Interact with the ship to get onboard. When you land back on the lobby, you will unlock the Captain in Risk of Rain 2 and got the Washed Away achievement.

The Captain has various primary and secondary abilities. Firstly, its weapon has two types of fire. It works as both a rifle and a shotgun. Some of the other primary abilities of the Captain are:
Defensive Microbots: The Captain and the drones will get Microbots that will shoot down enemy projectiles.

Orbital Probe: Get up to 3 orbital probes that deal 1500% damage.

Orbital Supply Beacon: You can request a permanent supply beacon. It can be requested only twice a game.

Vulcan Shotgun: The chargeable shotgun that deals 120% damage. Charging the shotgun will reduce its spread.

Defensive Microbots: The Captain and the drones will get Microbots that will shoot down enemy projectiles.

Power Tazer: Deal 100% damage and shock enemies with a fast tazer.

There are also some secondary abilities and an alternative skin for the Captain that needs to be obtained. These secondary abilities are:

Beacon Resupply: This is obtained by visiting 10 different realms in a single run. It allows recharging equipment on use.

Beacon Healing: Heal all nearby allies with 10% of their maximum health every second.

Beacon Hacking: This ability is obtained by purchasing the TC-280 Prototype Drone in Rallypoint Delta. It brings down the price of all nearby purchasable to $0.

Beacon Shocking: Immobilize all nearby enemies for a limited time.

To unlock the alternate skin, simply head back to the Moon or defeat Mithrix as the Captain.

That’s how you unlock the Captain in Risk of Rain 2. You can also unlock artifacts in the game. And further you can also unlock all other playable characters in the Risk of Rain 2. Unlock all the characters and add them to your roster to enhance your gaming experience.