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Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | How to Get all Playable Characters


The characters in Risk of Rain 2 have their own unique special abilities and learning how to make the best use of these characters will go a long way when you try to master the game, this guide will show you how to unlock every character in Risk of Rain 2.

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The game is filled with pretty interesting characters which have their own unique style and specialty, to make sure you make the most use of every character you will need to pay attention to what weapon they carry and how it operates.

How to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain 2

At the moment Risk of Rain 2 has six playable characters while four more characters are labeled as under construction. Here is the list of characters in Risk of Rain 2


Commando is the default character you get in the game when you start it, he is a strong character that will help you understand the dynamics of the game pretty well as all his stats are well rounded off and he seems to be a perfectly balanced character.

risk of rain 2 unlock commando

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Commando’s basic attack is fast and can be aimed easily which makes the game so much more enjoyable, the secondary ability is buffed up and does a lot of damage especially to a group of enemies in front of you. You can also make use of the swift didge ability to get of a tight spot or quickly change your direction and line up a perfect shot.

One of the most fun characters in the game, Commando seems pretty awesome.


To unlock MUL-T you will need to beat the first level a minimum of 5 times, once you have done that you will gain access to this character. As the name goes the character is the only survivor who can use two different equipment items simultaneously. One is a short-range nail gun that does a ton of damage to a group while the other is a sniper rifle good for taking down enemies who are flying or are a bit further away from you.

risk of rain 2 mul-t unlock

You can make use of MUL-T’s speedy dash to dodge attacks or get out of heavy incoming damage or use a bunch of grenades which seem nerfed but is useful to stun larger groups of enemies when they attack collectively. This robot is certainly a fun character to use and you will only keep getting better as you keep on using his multi equipment.


Unlocking her may prove to be a bit tricky but she can be one of the strongest characters in the game if you play to her strengths. Huntress is lethal against a swarm of enemies as her primary attack deals damage to a larger area, keep in mind that the attack is relatively slower to their previous characters mentioned above. Her secondary attack is one of the most innovative and amazing attacks ever implemented in any game. You can hit up to six enemies at a single time so make sure you gather a bunch before you let this fly now.

risk of rain 2 unlock huntress

Her dodging skills are second to none as she can literally teleport and she can also hail a rain of arrows onto enemies which again cause area damage. She isn’t a single target character but instead, her talent lies in taking down multiple enemies in an instant.


Unlocking the Engineer will certainly take some time, you will need to complete 30 levels of the game. The Engineer basically lets you take complete control of the battlefield, with his turrets and a shield which blocks all incoming attacks. The Engineer is basically someone who can clear out an entire horde on his own as he can get stuck in the middle, deploy your turrets and mine while you rest easily inside the shield you create and have peace of mind.

risk of rain 2 unlock engineer

The best part of playing with Engineer is the fact that the item boosts you pick up to affect your turrets as well. This means not only do you buff up your primary weapons but also the ones that you deploy. If executed perfectly you can single-handedly take down the entire legion of enemies coming at you without breaking a sweat.


This one is hard to unlock, basically, you will need to spend 10 Lunar Coins to free her from the Newt Shop. The blue portal will randomly open when you progress through the levels in the game but you can spend one Lunar Coin before you activate the Teleporter to make it appear if you are in a hurry. The Articifier will be present next to the big Newt in a block of ice, you can collect Lunar Coins after you take them down and though rare you need to keep an eye out for enemy drops. The Artificer is a mage with elemental powers which are amazingly powerful. You need to have a bit of experience of the game before you try your hand with this character as her attacks have a cool down period. For her primary attack, you get fireballs which cause high damage to enemies and you can power them up which increases its range and effectiveness.

risk of rain 2 unlock artificer

Other than that you get a lightening orb which you can zap enemies with and it does area damage, so it works perfectly to stun enemies and zap them as you fly through the air. You also get an ice wall which will freeze enemies and if they are below 20% health you can also kill them instantly. The Articifier does not, however, have the ability to dodge but give the plethora of offensive abilities it works out and you get an enormously powered character who can change the course of battle all by yourself. You can use the flamethrower is any enemy manages to get near to you, what it lacks in range it makes up in power as it is effective to take down smaller enemies.


You will need to reach the Obelisk and to do that you will have to clear a minimum of seven levels after you do so you will see a Celestial Portal open up and at the end of you will find the Obelisk. Choose to obliterate yourself when prompted which you instantly unlock the Mercenary but will also end your run, you can do this again to collect 5 Lunar Coins if you feel the need to collect more.

Mercenary has a very hands-on approach to the game and feels completely different from other characters which means you will need to go head first into every battle and take down enemies form close range. This character is equally as effective against a boss and a group of enemies so that means that you can go absolutely crazy.

risk of rain 2 mercenary unlock

As good as the primary attack is, the secondary will certainly be the one you use the most. The Mercenary launches in the air and spins his sword vertically to devastating effect. He can teleport to the nearest enemy and take them down as well which means you won’t have to waste time trying to find your way to the enemy and this flurry of attacks make him invincible which when combined together will cause total carnage.

You can use the dash to stun enemies and you can use it thrice in one go which means you will be able to cut through a large chunk of enemies with this. The Mercenary is all about finding the perfect combination and going absolutely crazy with your attacks.

These are all the characters currently available in Risk of Rain 2, make sure you check out other guides as well.

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