Riders Republic: How To Get The Wingsuit?

Wish to embrace the sky and explore the beauty of Riders Republic at bird's eye view? Follow this guide to learn how you can get the wingsuit in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic enthralls audiences with its simulations of cross terrain, snow and air travel through various mediums like cycles, skateboards and of course, the Wingsuit. With all the amazing sports on offer, the chance to unlock some cool gear is always tempting. These however require something specific in order to be accessible. In this guide, we’ll walk through how you can unlock and get the wingsuit in Riders Republic. Here is what you need to do for the same.

How to Get the Wingsuit in Riders Republic

how to get wingsuit riders republic

To get the wingsuit in Riders republic, you’ll have to earn 30 stars and unlock Air Career and Paramotor which subsequently give you access to the Wingsuit. The wingsuit is a great and thrilling piece of equipment to use. Soaring over the scenic setup of the map is more than satisfying. While 30 stars may not seem like a big deal to earn, it may have a longer route. The races themselves aren’t taxing and have pretty decent star rewards. However, you’ll need to keep winning in order to unlock and get your wingsuit faster. Here are a few things you can do for the same.

How to Get Stars Faster in Riders Republic (Tips and Tricks)

wingsuit get the riders republic how to

You’ll need to keep grinding through all the available modes in Riders Republics to get stars faster. Here are some tips and tricks to help you earn stars faster.

  • Complete as many races as you can.
  • Even if you count the bare minimum, completing races earns you 1 star.
  • Moreover, keep an eye on the challenges and objectives on the side since these earn you stars as well.
  • Don’t skip the tutorial at the beginning, since the combinations used can help you in executing stunts that reward you with stars.
  • Furthermore, ensure you go all out and explore the map since it will help in discovering rare relics and other points of interest that earn you bonus stars.
  • Engage in Mass races.
  • These races return the most stars and reward you not just for winning but for performance and participation as well.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about how you can get the Wingsuit in Riders Republic and how you can get there faster as well. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you’re excited about trying out the wingsuit, why not get your friends along too? Here’s how you can play with friends in Riders Republic.