MultiVersus Rick Moveset: All Attacks, Specials, & Perks

Time to get rickety-rickety-wrecked, son! Check out our guide to find out the entire moveset of Rick in MultiVersus.

Genius nihilistic scientist Rick Sanchez has finally made his way into the MultiVersus universe. Similar to the TV show, Rick is an expert character with a plethora of bizarre and overpowered moves. Speaking of his class type, he is the mage or ranged character. We have compiled all his attack moves to help you figure out a great strategy for this character. So, check out our guide to find out the entire moveset of Rick in MultiVersus.

Rick Moveset in MultiVersus

Similar to other MultiVerseus characters, we have compiled all the normal attacks, special attacks, and passive attacks of Rick. So, here are all the moves for Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus:


  • Itchy Ricker Finger (Ground): This is a neutral ground attack that charges a weak but fast Lazer projectile from Rick’s blaster. Although with a full charge the shot moves slowly, the character deals with the knockback damage.
  • Shooting Guns in the Air: This neutral air attack is the same as the previous ground attack.
  • You like Augments? (Ground): With this side attack, Rick combo attacks his enemies with plasma sword slashes and kicks. For finishing off his enemies, he shoots a rocket projectile from his arm cannon.
  • Personal Space (Air): This attack is the same as the previous except Rick charges the blast from his Belt’s forcefield.
  • Plasma Whip, Baby! (Ground): This is an upward attack that deals with an upward swing with Rick’s plasma whip.
multiversus rick movset
Image Source – VIP2GAMING on YouTube.
  • Shove it Waay Up there (Air): Rick charges and shoves the Mega Seed upwards upon his opponents. If you hit your allies with the Mega seed, it offers an Educated Buff that reduces the cooldown period of the team. As you hit your opponents with the seed, they are inflicted with the Silenced debuff that restricts them from using the cooldown abilities.
  • Yeah, Fart Bomb! (Ground): This is a downward ground attack wherein Rick throws a fart bomb to hit his enemies upwards.
  • CollatRickal Damage (Air): During this downward air attack, Rick sends a blast downward to his enemies with his rocket boots. This damage deals with the Ignite Debuff.

Specials – Rick Attack Moves in MultiVersus

  • Meeseek And Destroy (Ground): With this neutral attack, Rick summons a projectile of Meeseeks that runs forward. If you press the up input after summoning Meseeks, they will hit uppercut to your enemies. On the other hand, the down input will make them ready for a golf club swing. The Meeseeks will swing the golf club if your enemies throw a projectile towards them to reflect them. Or the Meseeks will simply swing the golf club on your enemies when they are near him.
  • Meeseeks, up here! (Air): This neutral air attack summons the Meseeeks that help Rick fly above enemies. The Meseeks will flap their hand for a brief time before disappearing completely.
  • Basrick Portal Theory (Ground): For this side attack, Rick aims and can summons a maximum of two portals. You can teleport from one portal to another before it shrinks and restricts to Projectiles. Your allies can also teleport and shoot projectiles through these portals. But these portals can teleport simply one fighter.
  • Aerial Portal Stunts (Air): Similar to the side ground attack, Rick will summon two portals. One of the portals will be at the location he is aiming at while the other will be next to him.
  • Jetpack, NBD (Ground): Rick charges and then, launches upwards using his Jetpack.
  • Goin’ Even Higher (Air): It is the same as the previous upward attack.
  • Polymorphrick Ray (Ground): With this downward attack, Rick shoots a polymorph projectile that detonates after a short while. If it hits your allies, they receive a Morphized Buff that increases their size, damage dealt, and the size of their projectiles. On the other hand, if it hits your opponents they receive the Polymorph Debuff. This debuff turns them into tiny Reindog and cannot attack you.
  • Freefall Polymorpher (Air): It is the same as the previous down attack.

Passive Attacks/Perks

Being such an overpowered character, Rick has a wide range of bizarre passive attacks or perks up his sleeves. Here are the signature perks for Rick:

  • Squanchin’ Pyrotechnics: With this perk, Rick’s portals have a longer cooldown period. While the allies that pass through the portal ignite enemies with their melee attacks, all of their projectiles also ignite the enemies. If your opponents pass through the portal, they will be ignited too. You need to reach mastery level 8 to unlock this passive attack.
  • Hephaestus, Who?: For this passive attack, Rick will charge his whip attack and the final hit will spike enemies towards him. You need to reach mastery level 10 to unlock the Hephaestus, Who? perk.
  • Bit of Stickler Meeseeks: Rick’s summoned Meeseeks will inflict double damage to your opponents that are already hitstun. You need to reach master level 12 to unlock this perk.

Here’s the visual representation of all Rick’s moves:

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