MultiVersus Morty Moveset: Hammerhead Morty, Armothy, & More

Aw geez, man! Check out our guide to find out the entire moveset of Morty in MultiVersus.

Despite endless adventures with grandpa Rick, Morty has finally arrived at the chaotic crossover of MultiVersus. As the Rick & Morty show deems, Morty has a wide range of wacky moves up his sleeves. Being a bruiser-type character, Morty has pretty amped-up attacks and abilities. What’s more interesting is that he can also bring his other variants to join the fight with his attacks. So, here’s our guide on the entire moveset of Morty in MultiVersus.

Morty Moveset in MultiVersus

Like all the MultiVersus characters, Morty has normal attacks, special attacks, and passive abilities. Mentioned below are all the moves for Morty:


  • Aw Geez, Snakes (Ground): This is a neutral ground attack that can inflict a laser projectile on an active grenade. If he doesn’t have an active grenade, Morty fires snakes as he summons a projectile. After the projectile hits the snake, the projectile will split into two snake projectiles. On a cooldown period, you can use this attack to simply fire a laser projectile. You can hit the J button for this neutral attack.
  • Aw Geez, Air Snakes (Air): It is the same as the previous ground attack.
  • Unresolved Anger Issues (Ground): It is a combo side attack that brings Armothy and Hammerhead Morty into the arena. First, Morty will punch combo jab attacks with Armothy and then, finish the combo by swinging Hammer Morty. You can hit the right directional and J keys to pull this attack.
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Image Source – Wisdom v3 on YouTube.
  • Barbarian Instincts (Air): This combo side attack delivers 2 Axe swings onto your enemies. These axe swings can be stacked and charged up.
  • Aw Geez, more Snakes! (Ground): Similar to the neutral attack, Morty will fire the snake projectiles upwards. But the only difference is that the snake projectiles move horizontally. You can hit the Upward directional and J key for this attack.
  • Power of Fire! (Air): With this attack, Morty can use the elemental ring to hit his opponents upward and ignite them with its power.
  • Plumbus Time! (Ground): One of the wackiest attacks out of the lot. As Morty runs with a Plumbus, he keeps on hitting his enemies. It is a downward attack that causes Cleanse effect on your allies and a Weakened effect on enemies. You can use the down directional key and J button for this attack.
  • Armothy Assault (Air): It is an air attack that pounds your enemies downwards with Armothy.


  • It’s a Grenade, I think (Ground): You can throw Grenade Projectiles on your enemies until you run out of ammo. Hit the K button to inflict this attack.
  • Yep, that’s a Grenade (Air): It is the same as the previous special ground attack.
  • Power of Earth! (Ground): As you use this attack, Morty summons an Earth pillar from the ground. You can charge up the Earth pillar to increase how far it appears in front of you. Once you have charged it, throw a grenade to split it into two separate grenades. You can use the right directional and K button to use this special side attack.
  • Another Portal? (Air): Morty summons a Portal and as he peeks into the portal gets teleported a bit further. Now, the speed of Projectiles that pass through the portal will increase.
  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Ground): With this special upwards attack, Morty summons a spaceship that flies upwards. You can use the up directional and K button to use this attack.
  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Air): It is the same as the previous special ground attack.
  • Temporal Back-up (Ground): As you use this special down attack, you can create a save point. After you have created this save point, you can warp back to the point whenever you have less health. Upon warping back, you can heal yourself and your allies. If the save point is active and your allies are about to ring out, they can warp back to Morty. You can use the down directional and K buttons to use this attack.
  • Temporal Back-up (Air): It is the same as the previous special ground attack.

Passive Attacks

Several of Morty’s passive attacks or perks involve throwing grenades. You can also give these grenades to your allies. But there is a cooldown applied to give your allies these grenades. Furthermore, you can increase your mastery levels to unlock different perks.  Check out our guide on the best Morty perks and how to unlock them for more insight.

Here’s a visual representation of all of Morty’s moves:

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