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Which Are The Best Perks For Garnet In MultiVersus?

Need to equip Garnet with the best perks in MultiVersus? This is the guide for you.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover game released by Warner Bros. Here, you can play one of your favorite characters from DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. On this battlefield is Garnet, one of the most hardcore gems in the game. As the fiercest gem in the game, everyone knows her for her fighting spirit. That said, with a few perks to enhance her fights, she will be unstoppable. Here are the best perks for Garnet in MultiVersus.

What are the Best Perks for Garnet in MultiVersus?


Best Perks for Garnet in MultiVersus

Garnet’s class is Bruiser and so she works best with her fists. She definitely packs a punch and her strength lies in her flexibility to work with long ranged attacks. Keeping these in mind, here are the best perks to enhance Garnet and her moves on the battlefield in the game:

  • Electric Groove – Garnet is a unique bruiser as she is more specialized, and Electric Groove is perfect to enhance her moves. This move applies shock to her attacks on her opponents as she or your ally is granted stacks of Rhythm. You can then use this Rhythm as a singing barrier which makes her that much more powerful since her fighting style is more up close. It even gives her team a speed and armor break boost as well. Although, the armor break is only for melee attacks with 1 or 2 stacks.
  • Speed Force Assist – This perk works great with the Electric Groove signature perk. The perk boosts your movement speed which is fantastic if you’re frustrated with her slow fighting style. This will increase mobility and works best when you use it on your ally along with yourself. The perk gives a 4% increase in base movement speed and 8% when stacked.
  • Percussive Punch Power – Using this, your team deals 5% increased damage. The attacks here knock back enemies horizontally. This perk makes her hits even stronger making her land ringouts without breaking a sweat.
  • Wildcat Brawler – Lastly, Wildcat Brawler is a perk that deals a 5% (or 10% if stacked) increased damage with melee ground attacks for your whole team. Garnet has some of the best moves on the ground and this perk makes her almost indestructible.


With these perks, she is ready to take on anything. This was all there is to know about the best perks for Garnet. Give them a try on her to see if they work for you and your playstyle. If you want to unlock more characters in the game, check out this guide on how to get character tickets.