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How Does Sleeping In Returnal Help You?

A good nap is always refreshing, let’s see what happens when you sleep in Returnal

Returnal focuses a lot on weaponry and defense as it has one of the busiest combats we have seen. The missions are long and lack save points, putting your survivability and combat skills to test. One way to prepare for these long battles is by refilling your health bar as much as you can. Sleeping in Returnal will help you in this aspect. Here’s how.

What Does Sleeping Do in Returnal?


Returnal sleep
Sleeping helps you increase your HP in Returnal and the best place to sleep is home. Yes, the sleep pod is at the ship in Helios. The ship is our respawn point, which is why it is also the least explored point as most of us run to the point we died. Go to the ship and head left, after crossing two doors you will see a resting spot on your left. Press triangle to sleep, while Selene sleeps she will have nightmares, that’s just the cut scenes of the game and once they are over she will wake up with increased health. If your health bar is still not full go to sleep again until it’s full. This will be a great help but only in the first biome, as it’ll be too long of a trip once you have advanced further.

For players in other biomes, you can always look for Inert reclaimers around. These are very similar to the resting point in the ship. The only difference is that they are located in a different biome and difficult to find. Increasing the health bar capacity using Resins and a high protection stat will help you make the most of these sleeping points. We would recommend you to visit these sleeping points before every boss fight in Returnal.

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