Returnal: What Is The Protection Stat?

Here’s everything you need to know about the protection stat in Returnal.

As you follow Selene’s journey on an alien planet trying to survive, you only start with a pistol but there’s a lot more in store. While you can get weapons at every biome there aren’t many armors which you can get to shield her from damage. The only defense Selene has is her suit, thankfully the suit is very futuristic. The protection stat tells you how good of a job the suit is doing in protecting you. Let’s dig deeper and know more about the protection stat in Returnal.

What Is The Protection Stat In Returnal?

what is the protection stat in returnal 2
The protection stat is the ability of your suit to get hit. If the protection stat is higher it will reduce the impact of weapons on you. If it is lower even the slightest hit might knock you out. Protection stat becomes important as we all the how many save points we get in Returnal. Protection stat plays a very important here as it helps you survive a bit longer. Regular players know the value of every bit of health.

Players can pick up parasites to improve their health, but this is a double-edged sword as some might have an adverse effect on your health. The same is the case with malignant items so we would recommend you to only go for them when you can afford to. At every biome, you can buy an integrity upgrade from the fabricator which increases your health by 25%. Before going for the integrity upgrade, go for the Protection Augment. The Protection augment increases your protection stat by 10% increasing your ability to take damage. Resins are also important for your health, while they don’t increase your health, they increase the health bar itself. A bigger health bar combined with high protection stat is the key to survive through those long runs. While some of these are tips to increase your protection i.e. your ability to get it, some will help you increase your health. Both the factors ate important as both contribute to your survivability.

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