What Is A Reconstructor In Returnal?

Cheat death in Returnal, use a Reconstructor.

PlayStation5’s newest family member Returnal has swept all of us gamers off our feet and we just cannot get enough. The more you play this game the more you discover this strange world of Atropos. The game at its core is surviving the time loop. If you die, you restart the game from your ship Helios. Now that may be fun since you respawn to a whole new world every time, but you lose your non-permanent resources. It also gets a bit frustrating given you were so close to beating the boss and had to start over. Returnal understands that. The game has put in a feature called ‘Reconstructor’ in the game. It will give you a much-needed lifeline that you might want to know about. So in this guide, we tell you all about the ‘Reconstructor’ in Returnal, its uses, and location so keep reading.

What is A Reconstructor?

Reconstructor Location
A Reconstructor is a device in Returnal that acts as a respawn station. It looks like an entrance with a Sentient-shaped imprint. Just enter that and it will save you the time and effort to respawning back from Helios and restarting the biome.

What Does this Device Do?

Reconstructor Returmal
If you die in a biome, Reconstructor acts like a one-time use lifeline that you can use to respawn with in the same biome of Returnal. You can only use this device once per biome and you will respawn will all your nonpermanent items without losing them and wasting time gathering them again.

Where is the Reconstructor Location?

Reconstructor is located in the side room that is marked with a triangle-shaped blue-colored door on your map. It will cost you 6 Ether to use the device.

So that is all for our guide on Reconstructor in Returnal, how to use it, and location. If you would like to know about how to restore Health in Returnal, check out our guide on How To Use Consumables In Returnal.