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Returnal: How To Defeat Nemesis

Find out how to beat Nemesis in Returnal.

Nemesis is a boss that you will face in the third biome in Returnal, aka Derelict Citadel. After you complete the third biome, Selene will be able to spawn directly at the start of the Fourth Biome. However, getting there is anything but easy, especially with Nemesis in the way. But fret not as we’ve got you covered on that. Find out everything you need to know about how to beat Nemesis.

How to beat Nemesis in Returnal


How To Defeat Nemesis In Returnal
Nemesis can be found in the Derelict Citadel.

The fight with Nemesis will take place in three stages in the game. This is the standard for all boss fights in the game. In all the stages make sure you aim and fire at the red mass at the center of Nemesis’ body. For the first phase of the match, Nemesis will launch orange-colored orbs. These are pretty easy to dodge. If you feel an orb is getting closer, use the Dash feature to get out of the way as it makes objects pass through you. Then come the yellow beams. Jumping over them can help you out and you can even dash through them to avoid them altogether.

The second phase is very similar to the first phase except for one key difference, Nemesis will move around. The attacks remain the same, you just have to be a bit more mobile this time around. There will also be some floating platforms. Use them to your advantage but make sure you don’t slip through the gaps. Using dash is again your best bet.


In the third stage, you will start off by falling through the air. Grab onto one of the platforms floating around. Nemesis’ attacks will intensify during this stage of the fight, especially the yellow beam. Use the Grapple and Dash to your benefit so that you get out of the way. Keep your fire focused on the red center and the fight will be over soon.

 Where to find Nemesis

Nemesis can be found at the end of the third biome in Returnal. You will need to make your way through the Derelict Citadel until you come across an ancient temple-like structure. Once you are here a short cutscene will be triggered. Once you reach the Derelict Citadel, the Overgrown Ruins will have a short opening to access this area.


Tips for fighting Nemesis in Returnal

Make sure you keep going through previous loops in the game so that you have good weapons. Improve your Weapon Proficiency too which will allow you to access better weapons. You can bolster suit integrity by getting Resin from the biomes. Use parasites to your benefit and choose ones that maximize damage. Get rid of the ones that sap health.

Before you start this boss fight, go through the map once again to pick up some artifacts. You can do this by using the Translocators to fast travel around the map. Having done that keep an eye out for Fabricators. These Fabricators will give you various consumables and resources that will help your cause. Also, make sure that you have a reliable and worthy enough weapon.


This is everything you need to know about how to beat Nemesis in Returnal. While you are here, look at what equipment can be permanently upgraded and how the Overload Mechanism works.