Return To Monkey Island Trivia Cards: How To Find, Get, & Answer

Check out our guide on how to find all the trivia cards in Return to the Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure videogame developed by Terrible Toybox and Devolver Digital. It is a successor to the Monkey Island series and brings back several classic collectibles. One of them includes the Trivia cards that can be gathered as you progress. But unlike usual collectibles, these items work out differently. So, here’s our guide on how to find and get the Trivia cards in Return to Monkey Island.

How to Find the Trivia Cards in Return to Monkey Island

Before you get on to finding the different Trivia cards, you need to keep them all together in a Trivia Book. You can find this book after taking the control of Guybrush. You need to head inside the Scumm Bar close to the Docks. As you reach there, you will be prompted with a message, “Oh! a collectible card trivia book“. You simply need to click on the Trivia book to get it. As you collect the book, you will get one card to add to your collection.

return to monkey island trivia cards
Image Source – Trophy Gamers on YouTube.

If you don’t get the Trivia Book, you won’t encounter and find any Trivia Cards.

How to Get Trivia Cards

There are over 100 Trivia cards scattered in different locations throughout the game. As you get the book, you can encounter these cards, everywhere. While these cards spawn at fixed locations, you can find multiple cards in the same location. These cards can also respawn as you revisit the locations. So, we suggest clicking the highlight button on all the interactive objects in these locations. You can also head back to that location to check for more cards.

While finding the trivia cards add them to your book, you need to answer a trivia question to keep them. Scroll till the end to find out how to answer these questions.

How to Answer the Trivia Book Questions

  • You can find the collection of your collected cards in your Trivia Book.
  • So, head over to your inventory to open your Trivia Book. Over there, select the cards to answer its trivia questions.
  • For every question, you will get different options for the right answer.
  • These questions can be related to the predecessor Monkey Island games.
  • Alternatively, these questions can also be about the developers or the development of the game.
  • If you answer these questions wrong, you will lose the card. So, you can turn to Google for help with hard questions.
  • You will get plenty of achievements for answering these questions right.

That’s everything covered about how to find and get the Trivia Cards in Return to Monkey Island. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on how to get a mop in Return to Monkey Island right here on Gamer Tweak.