Return To Monkey Island: How To Get A Mop

Know how to get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island is a story-based point-to-click game wherein there are multiple quests. One of the quests begins with Guybrush finding a Mop to get a job as a swabbie at LeChuck’s ship. This is because he wants to uncover the secret of Monkey Island and luckily LeChuck was about to leave for a voyage. However, boarding on LeChuck’s ship is only possible after getting your hands on a Mop. If you are looking for a solution to make a mop in this game, then this article is for you. Here’s our guide that features steps to get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island.

How to Get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island

How to get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island

Go to the International House of Mojo in the Low Street area and collect the Sharp Knife and Forgiveness Frog from there.

Read the Plaque under the Statue on Low Street. After that, head over to the Scumm Bar and interact with the chef inside the kitchen. Ask the chef about buying a Mop. Thereafter, the chef will refuse to lend you the Mop and will ask you to make your own. Now, go through the door on the right side of the kitchen and collect the string.

Interact with Wally in his shop at Low Street and ask for him to create a map to obtain the wood required to build the Mop. Further, Wally will ask you about the type of wood. Now, you have to get Wally a piece of wood from the handle of the chef’s Mop. Before leaving Wally’s shop, collect the Monocle from his desk.

Interact with a customer in the bar waiting for his dish angrily. Then head back to the chef and talk to him to know what’s causing the delay in serving the food to that customer. Now, help the chef get the Ingredients from a book stored at the Governor’s Mansion.

Head over to the Governor’s Mansion and interact with Carla. After completing the dialogues, go near the bookshelf and ask if you can borrow a book called “Ingredients.”

Carla will then express her anger against Guybrush that how he borrowed a book the previous time and never returned it. Further, select the Forgiveness Frog from the inventory and give it to Carla as an apology that she will reject at first. Later, offer her the Frog again by combining it with the State of Art Pen in the inventory.

  • Write the following sentences on the frog to apologize perfectly:
    • Dear Carla,
    • Sorry for losing the book I borrowed.
    • I value that you are dedicated to dedication…
    • Select the location mentioned in the Plaque under the Statue on Low Street.
    • I promise to do better in the future.

Further, give the Forgiveness Frog to Carla again and this time she’ll accept the apology. Now, head to the bookshelf again and ask her about borrowing the Ingredients book again. She’ll finally agree, collect the book, and head over to the chef in Scumm Bar again.

Later, after handing over the book to the Chef, take a piece of the wood from the handle of the Mop using the knife while he is busy cooking food. Thereafter, go to Wally’s shop and provide him the piece of wood to obtain the Map.

Head over to the Dark Forest using the map. Also, it is possible to reach there by simply following the pathway on the right side of the Governor’s Mansion. Enter the forest and take a right, left, left, and middle paths to make your way to the tree. Upon reaching there, use the knife to carve a Mop Handle out of the tree.

Use the map to locate and visit an area called Shipyard. Obtain a Sponge from there and combine it with the Mop Handle to make a Mop.

That’s how to get a Mop in Return to Monkey Island. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other gaming guides on Gamer Tweak.