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How To Find & Use Flowers That Restore Stamina In Genshin Impact

Here's everything you need to know about those golden yellow flowers in Genshin Impact.

With the introduction of the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact 3.0, players have a new way to restore Stamina with the help of a flower. This shiny plant is exclusive to Sumeru and is easy to find. So, if you have already spotted it and are wondering what does it do, this guide will help you out.

Where to Find Flowers that Restore Stamina in Genshin Impact?

yellow golden flowers sumeru genshin

Players can find the Stamina-boosting flowers randomly all over Sumeru, but you will most likely find them on the sides of mountains you are climbing or near water. It’s an off-white flower with three petals which has a peculiar golden shine. Interact with it, and watch your Stamina get an instant boost. Once you have extracted it, it will lose its glow. But the best part is that these flowers regain their ability to refill your Stamina bar and players can collect it from them after a while.

stamina refill flowers genshin impact

This flower will come in handy before gliding over a long distance, or while climbing tall mountains. Navigating the world of Teyvat isn’t easy and players need to plan out their next move while considering fall damage, height and nearby enemies. So if a certain mountain is tough to climb with the amount of Stamina you have and if you spot these glowing yellow flowers along the way, it’s possible to get to the top easily.

Having another way to raise Stamina is great because, as you know, one of the most important bars that you need to keep an eye on is the Stamina gauge. How you move, glide and fight relies on it. While you can collect Anemoculus and bring them to the Statue of The Seven to increase your max Stamina, these plants can come in handy if you’re in great need of some extra help.

So, that’s everything about the yellow flowers that restore Stamina in Genshin Impact. There are a lot of things that you need to know about Sumeru like what are Tri-Yana seedswho are Etermiteshow to use Seed Mirrors and how to unlock the Sumeru Reputation Board. Check out our guides to make the process super easy for you.