How To Recover Shields In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League And Heal

Keep dying and have to wait for someone to revive you? Here is how you can get shields in Suicide Squad KTJL.

If you have played any of the Arkham games before you will know that this game is very different than those in terms of its mechanics. One of the many things that aren’t the same is your health system. As such many players want to know how they can recover their shield and heal in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

While your Shield and Health bar are different, what you should be focusing on is your shield. This is because shield you can restore but your HP bar in Suicide Squad KTJL has to be increased permanently. Here is how both of those work.

How to Get Shield Back in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

How To Get Shields In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Image Credits: Born 2 Game on YouTube. How you can use Shield Harvest to restore shields.

You need to perform Shield Harvest kills in order to restore your shield. Players of the Doom series can think of it as similar to Glory Kills. As such you need to be active on the battlefield and up close to your enemies.

Basically rather than finishing them off with your guns, you need to shoot them so that they get weak. Typically you should go for their legs. Once they start glowing blue you can perform the Shield Harvest attack and heal up.

You should get used to performing Shield Harvest, this way you will continuously be healed and won’t have to worry about being low on health.

Aside from that after you level up enough you can unlock skills like Power Through for Deadshot, Safety First for Harley Quin, and others that help you regain shields faster.

Last but not least, there aren’t any health packs for you to collect, so you should keep track of your shield. When you die, you will have to ask other players in your party to revive you. Otherwise, if you are playing alone, then you have to wait for bots to revive you.

That is all on how you can restore shield and heal in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. While you are here also check our guides on how to replay missions, get LuthorCoins, and the best Skill upgrades.