How To Get LutherCoins In Suicide Squad KTJL

Here’s how you can get your hands on LutherCoins, the currency used in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

Much like any live-service game, Suicide Suicide Kill The Justice League too has its own currency – LutherCoins. This currency is used for making micro-transactions and getting various content that the developers offer. It can be anything like Outfits, Banners, and other cosmetic items. For new players, knowing how to get a hold of this LutherCoins can be confusing. That is why we are here to explain everything about it. Learn how to get LutherCoins in Suicide Suicide KTJL through this guide.

How to Get LutherCoins In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

As of now, the only way to get LutherCoins in this game is by spending real money. Console users can go to the respective Xbox or PlayStation Store to purchase LutherCoins. You can find it under the Add Ons section on the game’s store page. Also, PC users can access the Epic Game Store or Steam to purchase this currency.

At the time of writing, you can purchase x1000 LutherCoins for a total of $10, which I think is a fair deal. You should grab it immediately.

How to Claim Free LutherCoins in Suicide Squad KTJL

Free 2000 LutherCoins in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League
Claiming Free 2000 LutherCoins from the Mailbox.

Those who had purchased the Deluxe Edition and got the Early Access can claim free x2000 LutherCoins. Rocksteady Studios is giving this in-game currency to compensate for all the trouble caused by the bugs and errors during the game’s Early Access launch.

If you are one of those victims of the bug, you can claim the rewards right now. All you have to do is check your mailbox by visiting the Hall of Justice in Racine. If you are eligible, you will receive the said amount of LutherCoins.

That’s all you can do to get LutherCoins in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. For more content like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Suicide Squad KTJL Guides on Gamer Tweak.