Resident Evil Village on PS5 Will Support PSVR Over Xbox Series X Version, Insider Confirms

This month, Capcom also officially announced the ongoing work on Resident Evil Village. According to an insider considered to be a reliable source, VR fans can look forward to support from PlayStation VR.

As part of a large-scale online event, we were presented with the first titles this month that are under development for the PlayStation 5. Including Resident Evil Village, which has been haunted by rumors over the past few months. As the reliable source Dusk Golem alias AestheticGamer wants to know, friends of virtual reality will get their money’s worth with Resident Evil 8, as the horror title will support PlayStation VR.

So far, the insider has not been able to confirm whether the whole thing also applies to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other virtual reality headsets on the PC. Capcom also remains silent on the whole thing. Resident Evil Village is currently being developed for the PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and is scheduled for release next year.

The story of Resident Evil Village transports the players to a remote mountain village, where they are once again confronted with a merciless battle for life and death. Resident Evil 8 is played just like its predecessor from a first-person perspective, which should ensure a particularly intensive gaming experience.

On the two new generations of consoles, Resident Evil Village will, according to official statements, primarily benefit from the stronger hardware and SSD technology, which will enable Capcom developers to deliver a horror experience that will not be interrupted by loading times.