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Resident Evil VIII Village Finally Announced During PS5 Event

Resident Evil VIII Village has been finally revealed and it looks like there is a huge plot twist as the trailer shows Chris Redfield murder Mia, Ethan’s wife with a gun. Resident Evil VIII Village looks a bit different from the rest of the series and it looks like this will be interesting to look ahead to.

The trailer says “His story comes to a close”, but though it is implied that it is Ethan, this Resident Evil VIII Village looks different, looks open instead of restrictive, and setting evokes the tale of a classic horror story.


With the first perspective of first-person over the traditional third-person perspective, and it will make the game more immersive and scary to play as. It aims to bring up the fright last seen in Silent Hill playable teaser.

The characters shown in the trailer do not give any hint as to who they are but there is danger looming from all sides, it certainly looks like the next-gen consoles are banking on the horror genre. Resident Evil VIII VIllage will be running on the RE Engine.

This will instantly make the next-generation of consoles more sought after with a few classic horror games. This Resident Evil VIII Village looks like it will have a psychological terror that follows you everywhere you go.


The rumors had been flying around with even the title of the game being leaked a couple of months back on the internet but it was so far fetched that no one would believe it.

Though Resident Evil VIII Village was announced for the PlayStation 5, the game will be made available for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.