Resident Evil Village (also listed for PS4), Monster Hunter Rise & Other Capcom Games Release Date and More Information Leaked

A lot of data about Capcom games has been leaked on the internet. According to this leak, Capcom is planning to release Resident Evil Village in April 2021, and Monster Hunter Rise on PC will be launched in October.

As we can learn from the leaked data, Capcom will also release a GUILLOTINE game in February 2021 on Nintendo Switch, and this title will also release on other platforms in May 2021. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Japanese studio is also working on a new title called SHIELD, which is a game for streamers and it will be released in 2022.

It was reported that the Ragnar Locker hackers group has stolen 1TB of confidential data from the corporate networks of Capcom in the USA, Canada, and Japan. They also demanded $11 million from the Osaka company to save the information.

The leak also reveals that Resident Evil Village will, in fact, have a PlayStation 4 version. This console is the only one of the seventh generation of consoles to be mentioned, although the producer has already expressed interest in launching the game for other consoles.

In addition, the leaked information indicates that Resident Evil Village will also have an online version of the game codenamed “DOMINION”, but no details of the gameplay are available. Whether the information is correct, we will have to wait for confirmation from Capcom about all these leaks.

Still, in the field of Resident Evil, a virtual reality version of Resident Evil 4 would be in development for Oculus devices. A multiplatform battle royale game from the franchise would also be in development.

Finally, the leak reveals that Capcom would have received $5 million from Sony for the temporary exclusivity of Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality on PlayStation VR and Google would have paid $ 10 million to bring RE7 and RE Village to Google Stadia.