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Resident Evil Village May Come To PS4 & Xbox One, Capcom Claims; Gameplay Teaser Released

Even though Resident Evil Village will release on the next-gen consoles and PC, it will most likely also come for PS4 and Xbox One. This can be seen from a statement by the developer Tsuyoshi Kanda. In addition, a gameplay teaser has appeared in which you can view the game world from a first-person perspective.

Recently, the industry insider Dusk Golem claimed that Resident Evil Village could appear as a cross-gen title. Apparently, he was spot on. Capcom developer Tsuyoshi Kanda indicated in the live stream of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 that the game might also appear on PS4 and Xbox One.

Although the new title is being developed for the next-gen consoles and the PC, Capcom is currently testing to what extent the game can be played on the (still) current generation. There is a high probability that the Resident Evil Village will appear for PS4 and Xbox One.

In the exact wording, Tsuyoshi Kanda announced that “Capcom will do our best creating a top-tier experience on current-generation consoles.” Further details are to be announced via Capcom’s Japanese Twitter account.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Resident Evil Village was released for the current-gen consoles. It is particularly common for the Japanese game developers to launch cross-generational games at the beginning of a new generation of consoles.

The stream shown was primarily a summary of the previously published content. However, a new interview with the developers was shown, entitled “The Making of Resident Evil Village.”

There it was announced, among other things, that one of the reasons for the development was Ethan Winters. This is the protagonist of the predecessor. In the new part, his story is to be continued and brought to an end.

Resident Evil Village will be released over the coming year. A short gameplay teaser was also presented. There you can see the snow-covered landscape and an eerie property from a first-person perspective.