Sons Of The Forest: How To Get The Rescued Book

Here's a quick guide on how to get the Rescued Book in Sons of The Forest.

Crash-landing on a remote island inhabited by mutants and cannibals, players are in for a ride when they launch Sons of The Forest. All you have with you is your survival kit and a GPS to track down various other items scattered all over the open world. One such item that players might have missed is the Rescued Book. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the Rescued Book in Sons of The Forest.

How to get the Rescued book in sons of the forest.

how to find rescued book in sons of the forest.
Like most other items of import, the Rescued Book can be found in the many caves and underground bunkers in the game. Make your way to the bottom left of the snowy mountains towards the sea. The green indicator on your GPS should lead you to a sturdy above-ground entrance. The body of a construction worker on the outside of the entrance is the indicator that you are at the right place. To enter you’ll have to use the VIP Keycard. If you don’t have the Keycard or have trouble finding it, check out our Guide for some help.

Once the doors open, walk straight and take the stairs leading down on your left. Follow the path to another flight of stairs until you reach the bottom. Make your way through the empty rooms on the left until you reach another staircase. Walk down the stairs to take a left towards the empty corridor, you should reach a room of portraits. Walk to the end and end the door on the right. You are now standing in the main hall of the bunker. You can also pick up a pair of pajamas from the locker here if you want to dress up in something casual. The Rescued Book sits on the glass table waiting for you to claim.

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