How to Rescue A Captured Tribesman in Soulmask

Here’s how you can free the tribesman who has been captured by enemies for a sacrifice in Soulmask.

The hostile NPCs in this game are no joke. While your tribesmen are trying to mine, log, and harvest, there’s a chance that one or more gets kidnapped by these hostile elements. The enemy camps will keep them trapped for a while after which your thrall will be sacrificed, leaving behind a death package. If you’d like to rescue and bring them before they’re killed, here’s how to save captured tribesmen in Soulmask.

How to Rescue Kidnapped Tribesmen in Soulmask

In Soulmask, freeing a captured tribesman involves a two-step process – heading to the location where they’re kidnapped before time runs out and interacting with them to ‘Rescue’ them.

Locate the Captured Tribesman

When a tribesman gets captured, you’ll see a notification. Look for them on the map (with the text “_ has been captured!”) or directly in the enemy village where they were taken. The goal is to get to the location as soon as possible because if you’re too late, you won’t be able to utilize their skills anymore. There will be a the timer on the map, so use a Portal or Mount to reach the spot faster.

rescue captured tribesman soulmask
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When you reach the place where your tribesman is trapped, approach them, interact and click on the option to Rescue. You’ll see a short progress bar, after which, the tribesman will be freed.

saving tribesman after kidnapping soulmask
Image credit: Mad Cat Plays on YouTube

Prepare for a fight and carry bandages! Expect resistance from the enemy village and creatures like Bush Dogs when you go to retrieve your tribesman. Take some warriors with you to help clear the area.

Also, use the best weapons you have to defeat enemies and free your captured tribesman in Soulmask – a hammer should work well in this scenario. After rescuing the tribesman, make sure they follow you back to your safe base. Once back at your base, place them on a bed inside a shelter.

How to Protect your Tribesmen

If you want to protect your base and the tribesmen in it, you can set up various traps like Groundspikes, sticky traps, explosive can traps and arrow traps to damage invaders of any kind. Apart from this, build barriers to slow down enemies. You can set up Crossbow Towers and Siege Ballista to defend your base even more.

If you provide weapons and armor to your tribesmen, they can defend themselves during invasions and don’t get captured too easily.

Do note that Statue of God is a building that can be crafted with x10 Thick Rope, x40 Stone, x10 Beast Bone and x10 Leather and it will come in handy during NPC invasions. That’s because it provides buffs to your character as well as your tribesmen, as long as its placed correctly in the base.

statue of god in soulmask
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It can be upgraded over time and will help non-combative tribesmen stay safe during hostile attacks. However, the placement should be such that it protects the most crucial sections of the base, and benefits all the inhabitants.

Hopefully, this helps you protect your tribesmen and rescue them if they get captured in Soulmask. If you’d like to know how to make your followers better, and discover some more hidden tips and tricks, explore our guides on Gamer Tweak!