Soulmask Tribesmen: How to Recruit or Get More to Join Clan

Recruiting more Tribesmen in Soulmask is important for growing your clan and gaining strength in numbers. Your primary focus should be capturing other Barbarians and Outcasts to strengthen your tribe.

To do this, you’ll need to follow a sequence of steps that involve locating possible recruits, separating targets, attacking them, preventing them from dying, and finally grabbing and making them members of your tribe.

Though the process may sound challenging and time-consuming, it is easy once you know the steps. It is important to have a larger, more diverse tribe to help you thrive in the dangerous world of Soulmask. But before focusing on the importance of Tribesmen, we will look at how the Tribe system works in Soulmask.

How Does the Tribe System Work in Soulmask?

How Does the Tribe System Work in Soulmask

In Soulmask, the tribe system is vital in building a strong clan-style community and increasing your chances of survival. This system involves recruiting and managing tribesmen to help with farming, resource gathering, base defense, and maintenance tasks. To better understand the tribe system, let’s explore its key aspects:

Recruit Tribesmen

To grow your tribe, you must recruit new members by deterring and capturing Barbarians and Outcasts. These potential recruits can be found in ruins or barracks, and you must feed them liquid food, like broth or soup, to gain their trust and loyalty (more on this later).

Tribesman Management

Assigning jobs to your tribesmen is important for maximizing their potential and ensuring your tribe’s growth. Some possible roles include:

  • Warriors: Protect your base from invaders and accompany you on your adventures.
  • Laborers: Collect valuable resources and materials needed for crafting and building.
  • Craftsmen: Assist in various tasks, such as Weapon crafting, Armor crafting, and even Cooking.

Expanding Your Tribe

To expand your tribe, continue recruiting new members and investing in their well-being. A larger, more diverse tribe of various professions can handle more tasks and ensure your clan’s success in Soulmask.

By understanding and using Soulmask’s tribe system correctly, you can survive and overcome any raid challenges the game throws at you.

How to Recruit or Get More Tribesmen to Expand Clan in Soulmask

How to Recruit or Get More Tribesmen in Soulmask to Expand Clan

Taming or recruiting Tribesmen in Soulmask is a straightforward process. You only have to “deter” them during a fight. Deterrence is the primary way to recruit Tribesmen, including Outcasts, Barbarians, and any other enemy Tribesmen, for your tribe in Soulmask. Here’s how to deter and recruit Tribesmen in Soulmask:

  1. Locate one of the many small tribesmen camps scattered throughout the map.
  2. Initiate combat and reduce their health to about/below 20%.
  3. Press “E” when prompted to begin the “Deterrence” process.
  4. Once they fall to the ground and become unconscious.
  5. Approach them and open their inventory.
  6. Add soup or any food item that provides nourishment and hydration to their inventory.
  7. Use the food items from their inventory to increase the recognition meter.
  8. These unconscious NPCs will slowly gain recognition.
  9. When the recognition meter reaches 50%, click on the tribesman, and you can recruit them.

While the NPC is unconscious, you can heal them by placing healing items like bandages in their inventory and using them. Similarly, liquid food, such as broth, should be provided to ensure their survival.

After taming tribesmen, you can manage their inventory and assign them various tasks, such as gathering resources, fighting, or defending your base.

Unconscious, deterred Tribesmen, Outcasts, and Barbarians can be carried on your shoulder or transported using a Llama Extended Seat Cushion armor.

You can craft the Llama Extended Seat Cushion at the Armor Forging Table using ×25 Leather, ×10 Leather Rope, ×20 Coarse Cotton, and ×10 Thin Rope.

How to Control Tribesmen?

To control Tribesmen in Soulmask, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure your Mask’s Control node is repaired and ready to use.
  2. Put the Mask on the Tribesman you want to control. Your player character will fall asleep during this time.
  3. While controlling the Tribesman, you can use their unique skills and abilities for tasks like fighting or crafting.
  4. The experience you gain while controlling a Tribesman helps improve their Body, weapon, and crafting levels. You also earn Awareness EXP for your tribe Chieftain.

That’s everything you need to know about how to recruit Tribesmen in Soulmask. While you are here, check out our Soulmask Guides page for more tips and tricks like this.