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How To Remove Attachments In Back 4 Blood – Take Them Off Weapons

Here is a guide on removing Weapon Attachments in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood has various weapons and each of those weapons have different attachments you can apply. Since the game follows a rogue style of gameplay, it’s difficult to get consistent equipment as every game will be different. You will have to make do with what you get even if it’s a single target weapon against a horde of Riddens. The Attachments that you will get will be of stocks, grips, sights, and magazine clips. You get these to augment your guns and also each of the attachments will be of a different rarity. In this guide, I will show you how to remove an Attachment from a Weapon in Back 4 Blood.

How to Remove Attachments in Back 4 Blood

attachments in b4b

You must be wondering, why would I want to remove the Attachments? Why take them off? Well, there is a reason for it. While you are looting the supplies, you will get certain gun attachments. You may end up putting it on a gun that you currently have. After some time, you will find a gun that is better than your current one. Now you want to put the Attachment you got earlier on to that gun. Hence, you will want to remove that Attachment and apply it to this gun.

Here comes the kicker, you can’t remove an attachment from a gun once you have applied. Although there is a convoluted way of doing it. First off, if the above scenario has happened to you then this is what you will have to do.

  • Find another Attachment of the same type in the area.
  • Go to it and swap it with the gun that has the attachment you want to remove.
  • Then select the gun you put the attachment on and interact with the swapped-out attachment.
  • To interact, swap, etc with the attachment you will have to Press E.

This is how you can take off the attachment from any gun in Back 4 Blood. This is a very long way of doing it but it is the only way until the program the feature. This was all about removing Attachments in Back 4 Blood. Hopefully, this guide helped you in swapping gun attachments in your games. You can also check out our other guides on the Weapons Tier List and Bots in Back 4 Blood.