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How To Make Private Lobby To Play With Bots & Friends Only

Here is a guide on playing with your Friends & Bots in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood is a Co-op Zombie Survival game. As the name implies, you will be playing in a party of 4 people in total. This means it is you and 3 team members versus the massive hordes of Riddens. Your team members could be your friends or random teammates from public lobbies. Sometimes you don’t want to play with other people or you and your friends don’t fill the 4 man team requirement. In such cases, you will need to play with Bots. In this guide, I will show you how to play with Bots in Back 4 Blood.

How to Create a Private Lobby in Back 4 Blood


private lobby

This is how you can make Private Lobbies in B4B. In these Private Lobbies, you will be able to play with Bots as well as with your Friends. Follow the below sections for either option.

How to Play Back 4 Blood with Bots


In Back 4 Blood, there is no dedicated Button to add Bots into your lobby. You can however get them by keeping empty slots in your team lobby. This will auto-fill those slots with Bots. Follow the below steps to Play with Bots.

  • First off,  go to your Settings menu by pressing the Escape button or the equivalent button on the controller.
  • From there go to SOCIAL, at the bottom of it you will an option of PRIVACY. Click on it and make it INVITE ONLY.
  • Now go to your Campaign Menu, click on PREFERENCES and set Private Campaign Lobby to ON.
  • Now that you have done these steps, no one will be able to join you and you will be able to play with Bots. It is that simple.

How to Play Back 4 Blood with Friends only


In Back 4 Blood, you can make a Private Lobby. In this Private Lobby, you will be able to invite your friends over to play Back 4 Blood. As of now, this is the best way of playing the game.  To create one here is what you will have to do:

  • In your Settings Menu, there will be an option of SOCIAL.
  • Click on it and the Social Page will pop up.
  • At the bottom, there should be a Privacy option, change it to INVITE ONLY.
  • Once you are done, go to the Campaign Menu.
  • There should be Empty Slots near your Player card.
  • Click on it to invite your Friends or send Friend Requests to other players.

This is how you will be able to invite your friends in a private lobby in Back 4 Blood. You can also invite your friends if follow the steps in the previous section.


Is it worth playing with Bots?

As of the BETA of Back 4 Blood, the Bots in the Cleaners are pretty underwhelming. Their A.I. is a bit janky and sometimes is better off not having in the team. Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of Back 4 Blood, have confirmed that they will be fixing the A.I. quality in these Bots and hopefully will be more reliable than they are now. In the meantime, playing with your friends over comms is the best way to play Back 4 Blood.

This was all about playing with Bots in Back 4 Blood. Hopefully, this guide helped you in getting your private lobbies in Back 4 Blood. you can also check our guides on Best Controller Settings and Unlocking All The Characters in Back 4 Blood.