Valorant Console Release Date (PS4, PS5, & Xbox)

Valorant for Consoles is under development and here's when you can expect it to release.

Are you eager to know Valorant’s Release Date on Consoles like PS4, PS5 & Xbox? Well, you should be eager because this game has established its name in PC Gaming for years now. This tactical FPS has captivating features like multiple Agents, exotic Guns & Skins, a variety of maps, and much more. One thing lacking here was its availability on Consoles. But according to a recent Job Listing post by Riot Games, Valorant is soon to be released on platforms other than PC.

When Will Valorant Release for Consoles

On numerous occasions, Riot Games have published advertisements related to Valorant’s Job Opening on the Hitmarker website. Along with the roles and requirements for a candidate, there were several other key pieces of information mentioned. Since developers were actively looking to hire Game Design Managers, it means that the game is still under development.

Valorant Release Date on PlayStation & Xbox Consoles

So we can speculate that the Release Date for Valorant on Consoles is not anytime sooner. Moreover, it is more likely to release in the beta phase before. That’s because Riot wants to deliver its best for all the console players out there. They’ll be hiring game testers capable enough to rigorously play and analyze Valorant’s functionality on Console.

Is Valorant Coming to Xbox or PlayStation?

For now, there’s no information related to Valorant’s exclusivity on any Console. However, it is already available on Xbox Game Pass, but can only be played on PC. Microsoft and Riot Games are in agreement and this gives us a good reason why Valorant will release on Xbox.

As of now, that’s all we know about Valorant’s Release Date for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Consoles. By the way, have you heard about the new and upcoming PS5 Slim? Know about its Release Date, Price, Specs & more through our guide on it. For more such content, you can check out our Games Release Dates section right here on Gamer Tweak.