WWE 2K24 Release Date & Cover Star Speculation

Can’t wait for the upcoming WWE 2K24 Video Game anymore? Here’s everything you need to know about its Release Date and potential Cover Star.

Road to Wrestlemania officially begins in a few weeks and I am sure that every fan’s hype for the flagship event will peak. Usually, this is the time when WWE hits the hammer and tries to earn profit through their merch and stuff. But one thing that sweeps all the money for them is their WWE 2K Video Game Series.

After the major success of WWE 2K23, Take-Two Interactive has now announced WWE 2K24 for Fiscal 2024. Although the official announcement for its release date is still due, if we follow the recent trends, we can speculate when it will be released. So let’s talk about WWE 2K24’s Release Date (speculated) and who can possibly be the Cover Star this year.

WWE 2K24 Release Date

As I was saying, by following the recent pattern of WWE Game releases, we can easily speculate that WWE 2K24 will be released in March 2024. This is exactly the month wherein the previous two WWE Games (2K23 and 2K22) were released. Moreover, it is also the period when Wrestlemania is around the corner. So to increase sales, it’s the perfect time to launch WWE 2K24.

Back in the past, 2K used to release WWE Games between the Summerslam – Survivor Series period. But from what I have seen, launching WWE 2K games in March is a great decision by the officials.

Cody Rhodes or Bray Wyatt can be on the Cover of WWE 2K24

Who is the Cover Star of WWE 2k24
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Traditionally, superstars who have the star power to earn profit used to be on the Cover of WWE Games. Names like Roman Reigns, CM Punk, and John Cena have done that work in the past. But from what we have seen in recent times, superstars who have their Showcase Mode are featured on the Cover. For example, John Cena and Rey Mysterio were on the Cover Page of WWE 2K23 and WWE 2K22 respectively. In those games, they both had their Showcase mode which we had to beat.

If WWE is planning to do it again, then Cody Rhodes is a worthy contender to be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24. He had some pretty good runs with the Legacy, his brother Goldust, his time as the Stardust, and now as the American Nightmare. The developers can combine all of his iconic runs and allow us to ‘Finish the Story’ in his Showcase mode.

Apart from Cody Rhodes, the Late Bray Wyatt can also be featured on the Cover of WWE 2K24. He had an impeccable run during his time with the Wyatt Family. Not to forget about his Eater of Worlds and Fiend persona that also entertained the WWE Universe.

Roster Changes that You Can Expect in WWE 2K24

In the year 2023, several superstars returned, made a debut, and even left the WWE for somewhat reason. Due to this, several superstars will be added and erased from the roster. And from what we have seen, several names like the Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Matt Riddle, Madcapp Moss, etc won’t be in WWE 2K24.

However, don’t be sad as we will get to see some new and returning faces like CM Punk, Carlito, Chelsea Green, Jade Cargill, etc in WWE 2K24’s roster. Besides that, there won’t be any major overhaul to the game, however, it will still be enjoyable.

That was everything about the WWE 2K24 Release Date and Cover Star speculation. For more content about WWE Games, feel free to browse through our Website. We have covered plenty of useful articles and guides that can help you out.