Chrono Odyssey Release Date News And Updates

Here’s everything known so far about the Chrono Odyssey release date, platforms, multiplayer mode and more.

“Is Chrono Odyssey out yet?” This is the question on the minds of gamers who are excited about the game. Unfortunately, there is still no confirmed Chrono Odyssey release date and those eagerly waiting for this upcoming open-world MMORPG have to wait a bit longer for official information.

While fans speculated a release in 2023, developers NPIXEL haven’t shared any concrete updates since a gameplay trailer reveal in May that year. The graphics looked stunning in the video and the world-building looks very well done. In case you missed it, check it out here:

Chrono Odyssey Release Date – When is it coming out?

Based on available information, we can make some educated guesses. Some speculate a possible release in mid-2024. However, with no official news and ongoing development, a later release in 2024 or even 2025 remains a possibility.

NPIXEL has been actively showcasing gameplay footage and features through various snippets, suggesting dedicated development progress. But, they haven’t provided a clear roadmap or release window yet. Gamers can subscribe for updates via the game’s website to be notified of future beta tests and new information.

Here are some more ways to stay up-to-date on Chrono Odyssey’s development:

  • Follow their social media channels.
  • Join the Subreddit.
  • Keep an eye on gaming news sections (like this one!) that might cover any Chrono Odyssey announcements.
Chrono Odyssey gameplay reveal
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Chrono Odyssey FAQs Answered

Will Chrono Odyssey be free to play?

As of January 12, 2024, there is no official confirmation from NPIXEL, the developers of Chrono Odyssey, about whether it will be free-to-play (F2P) or require a purchase.

Hints suggest a F2P model because that is common in games of a similar theme and provides better accessibility. Some interviews by the developers mentioned focusing on “sustainable long-term engagement,” which could be the clue towards a F2P model with optional monetization elements.

The game’s development has been shrouded in some secrecy and so there’s no official word on its monetization model.

Will Chrono Odyssey have PvP?

No, Chrono Odyssey will not have traditional player-versus-player (PvP) features at launch. This information has been confirmed by the developers, NPIXEL, through various channels, including official Q&A sessions and developer streams.

The devs want to focus on a community-driven experience where players collaborate and fight together against challenging PvE content. So, you will be able to team up with others in the open world, clearing dungeons and boss fights in a co-op mode and no PVP as of yet.

Competitive aspects might be present in the form of leaderboards for PvE activities, guild challenges, or ranking systems that encourage players to be the best among the lot.

Wil Chrono Odyssey be Cross Platform?

Yes, Chrono Odyssey will be cross-platform! This was confirmed by the developers, Npixel, back in May 2023 when they released the official gameplay trailer. By offering cross-platform play, Npixel hopes to create a larger community for Chrono Odyssey. Players across different platforms can connect, team up, and experience the game together opening space for more matchmaking opportunities and a better social experience.

when is Chrono Odyssey Releasing
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Will Chrono Odyssey be Multiplayer?

Yes, Chrono Odyssey will be a fully multiplayer MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The game emphasizes co-op gameplay where you can join friends and go on adventures together. There will be guilds, world events, activities, and more social features to keep players engaged.

What system is Chrono Odyssey on?

Chrono Odyssey is not a platform exclusive – it’s going to be released on PC, Consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X), and Mobile.

Is Chrono Odyssey Related to Chrono Trigger?

No, Chrono Odyssey is not directly related to Chrono Trigger, despite the similar names and genre connection.

Since there are some thematic elements in both, like exploration, adventure, and also the presence of “Chrono” in titles, many are wondering if Odyssey is a sequel to Chrono Trigger. It’s not but it could also be a conscious nod to the iconic Chrono series and even done to possibly generate hype among fans in general.

Chrono Trigger was developed by Square Enix, while Chrono Odyssey is being developed by NPIXEL, a South Korean studio.

Chrono Trigger is based on standard role-playing gameplay and the story features time-travel elements. Chrono Odyssey has a distinct fantasy setting with its own lore, focusing on open-world exploration and MMO elements.

While both are RPGs, their gameplay mechanics differ significantly. Chrono Trigger is a classic turn-based JRPG, while Chrono Odyssey is a modern MMORPG with action combat and online multiplayer features.

And that’s everything known so far about the Chrono Odyssey release date, platforms, and more latest news. We will keep an eye out for more updates and official announcements, so check back often!

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