How To Complete Red Mile Obstacle Course In Starfield?

Red Mile is a obstacle challenge, where you can unlock some amazing rare weapons and earn a lot of credits.

Red Mile Obstacle Challenge is an easy way to get a lot of credits and rare weapons in Starfield. To complete this challenge you will have to beat Donovan Rhys on the leaderboard. He has done 28 runs and you will have to do 29 to outrank him. Each run will reward you with 5300 credits and some rare weapons. Also once you reach on top of the leaderboard, there are chances you will get better rewards. Here is a detailed guide on how to finish the Red Mile challenge and beat Donovan in Starfield.

Red Mile Challenge Guide

Starfield Red Mile Location

The first thing to do is visit Porrima III planet which is located in the Porrima Star System. Scan the planet and you will find a landing spot as Red Mile. After landing look for a door on the right below the huge Red Mile sign. It is a kind of Restaurant and bar type place, look for the owner Mei. Talking with her will unlock the Red Mile challenge.

What is the Red Mile Challenge?

Red Mile Tower Starfield

You will have to run from one tower to another and return back as fast as possible. There will be these Red Mile Maulers who will attack you rigorously. The objective is to complete this run 29 times to throw Donovan out of the leaderboard. Do not just jump into the race, here are some tricks to speed up the run.

Tricks to finish the Run Faster

Ignore the Redmile Maulers attacking you, just focus on running away. If you try fighting them it will extend the running time. More animals are in the center area while there are few on the extreme left and right sides.

Starfield Redmile Booster

Buy Runner’s Rush from the bartender before starting. It will provide +20% Movement, +50 Damage Resistance, and +25% 02 Recovery.

  • Rank 1 – +10% Oxygen
  • Rank 2 – +20% Oxygen
  • Rank 3 – +30% Oxygen
  • Rank 4 – Sprinting + Power Attacks will use Less O2

During the run, you will lose O2 faster, and with that, you have to deal with the maulers too. It is best if you can upgrade your oxygen consumption by Ranking up in the Fitness Skillset. It falls under the Physical Skill Tier 1 category.

  • Rank 1 – Unlock Boost Packs
  • Rank 2 – Boost Pack will expend less fuel
  • Rank 3 – Boost Pack will regenerate quickly
  • Rank 4 – 2x Previous Bonuses

The second most important skill to upgrade is the Boost Pack Training which falls under Tech Skills Tier 1. The first one will improve your O2 consumption which will increase the running speed. You can dodge away animals’ attacks by boosting constantly to jump over bigger distances.

Things To Avoid

Starfield Red Mile Challenge Guide

Once you are done with the preparation talk to Mei, she is the owner of this place and you can unlock the challenge. You can play only once, she will announce the challenge and this will unlock a door that has Run written around it. Once you are out of the door follow the below tips to complete this challenge fast.

  1. Do not jump straight down, or use the stairs. Instead, jump off the railing and use the booster to cover more distance.
  2. You will get enough boost to cover more than 25% of the area, try landing on the left side of the area near rocks.
  3. When you are about to fall use a booster to reduce fall damage.
  4. Keep sprinting, you will slow while climbing out of mountains.
  5. Boost and Sprint are of high importance in this run.
  6. When you reach the tower, press the button and run back again.
  7. Always try to jump from a height and use a booster to cover up a larger distance.

Once you are back talk to Mei, and you will get 5300 credits, consumables, and a weapon. It can be a regular or rare weapon.

How to restart the Red Mile Run?

Starfield Red Miles Bar

Once you are done with one run you cannot restart it back by talking to Mei. To restart just return to your ship, fly away, and land again in the same spot. Go to Mei’s bar and talk to her again. Sometimes this works just by coming out of the ship. You can play back-to-back 29 times just by returning to your ship or relanding. No need to rest and come back after the next day.

It is a tedious challenge but with over 29 runs, you can easily make it around 1,53,700 Credits set of good weapons and consumables. The last one 29th run will reward you with a special weapon.

Starfield Red Mile Challenge is good for Credit and Weapon farming. For interesting tips and tricks on the game do visit the Starfield Wiki guide.